To engage, inform, and connect those interested in Korea worldwide.


Founded in 2014, SeoulSync’s mission was simple yet ambitious enough: bridge the gap between Korea and the rest of the world. The product of a few Korean-Americans living in Seoul, SeoulSync started off as a way to deliver an insider’s perspective on Korean culture, food, travel, entertainment, and more. Within a year, SeoulSync has evolved into a multimedia brand comprised of writers, photographers, producers, marketers, and other creatives. Reaching hundreds of thousands of people in over 207 countries, our web magazine is fueled primarily by quality crowdsourced content with contributors coming from a myriad of backgrounds. Our content differs from other media sources and outlets as we are purely for the community, by the community.

SeoulSync garnered the support of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and took steps to establish SeoulSync Events in late 2014 by recruiting college interns from top universities in Seoul. The interns were mentored in management, logistics, and coordination before they successfully organized a city-wide photo scavenger hunt. Other original events ranged from speed-dating to philanthropy and casual meetups. SSE was launched with the intention of connecting our followers located in or visiting Seoul. Monthly events aimed to take participants around the less-travelled locations in Seoul. Additionally, participation with student organizations such as the International Students Association of Korea has enabled us to add to the experiences of foreign exchange students.

At the start of 2015, SeoulSyncTV was created as the third branch to complement the magazine and events team. Much like the other pods of SeoulSync, SSTV aims to introduce multiple facets of Korean culture and life in Seoul. In order to distinguish ourselves from the more common vlog style YouTube channels found in Korea, SSTV organized a talented team specializing in various production fields ranging from management, post-production, sound engineering and composition, and cinematography.

See you at some of our events. Comment on some of our posts. Share with us your experiences!


  • To share with both a local and global audience what is current or trending within Korean culture.
  • To act as a medium for the exchange of ideas between the Korean and international community.
  • To create a seamless, engaging reader experience by placing an emphasis on aesthetics and functionality.
  • To provide effective marketing solutions and media services for reputable organizations, connecting them to a relevant audience whom they can offer value to.