SeoulSync is seeking motivated and ambitious people to join our team. We are a community-driven content and media platform that aims to be the most interactive, balanced, and visually appealing source of Korean culture and lifestyle. By contributing to our web magazine, you will have an extended reach on your creative talent to hundreds of thousands of visitors worldwide. Additionally, most of the content on our site gets pushed to our social media handles. Those that contribute tend to be writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and others that wish to extend the reach of their talents and/or direct traffic to their own blogs and websites.

Currently, we are looking for the following:

Content Contributors
-Present engaging content based on Seoul / Korean culture and lifestyle
-Exercise wit, humor, and brevity in writing and source quality media to supplement
-Possess a solid grasp on the appropriate writing style and format for the topic
-Knowledgeable on SEO practices and article formatting a plus

Editors (rolling)
-Maintain objectivity throughout the editing process
-Keep the standards of SeoulSync in mind throughout the article review
-Undertake WP formatting and photo editing as necessary
-Communicate with writers on effective practices for SEO

Translators (closed)
-Translate SeoulSyncTV videos from English to Korean
-Take on translating tasks related to media and marketing

-Submit commercial, travel, and artistic photographs for review
-Specify which platform to share on (Website, Facebook, Instagram)
-Include relevant information such as location, cultural significance (if any), and personal commentary
-Ability to take on photography, writing, and/or event assignments a plus

Media production
-Contact us with your experience and what you would like to do

Intern (rolling)
-Assist in promoting SeoulSync Events and hosting monthly meetups
-Engage in community outreach and potential B2B initiatives
-Conduct research on content strategy and SNS management
-Fluency in Korean, graphic design skills, and strong social skills a plus

We frequently provide perks for contributors ranging from complimentary event tickets, vouchers, to hospitality perks, and joining us would also allow for effective networking opportunities. Read more about us here.

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