Korean culture can be be complex to understand. Jeong (정) for example, is an extremely broad concept of physical and emotional connection. A relationship can be built through a variety of activities; a favorite amongst those that reside in Korea is the idea of becoming better acquainted with one another through the act of sharing food.

We take a look at how someone not familiar with the customs may misinterpret Jeong with this short video. We looked to highlight some of the more popular foods in Korea ranging from 불닭볶음면 (Spicy Chicken Ramyeon), 팥빙수 (Korean shaved ice), to Korea’s national food, 김치 (Kimchi). We also recreated one of our favorite scenes in Korean drama involving Kimchi!


Jaceon Toomgam 

Bruce Sanghoon Ham

Eric S. Jung of Bigstarter

Seo Gowon

MJ, Kj, and Subin Hong of Hama Hama

Allen Cho

Goeun Choi

Hanna Kim of Gate 82

Nikki Webster

Stephen Hattersley

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2015.7.28 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NAVER Corp.


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A California native with a passion for travel, JT has been living in Korea for the past two years. A health fanatic and a seeker of knowledge, JT co-founded SeoulSync because of a desire to create something larger than he could ever become alone.


  1. Victoria Lin says:

    i didn’t expect the kimchi slap at all! haha, loved the video!