Time lapse videos and long-exposure photography are often disparaged and ridiculed by media professionals. Many novices tend to overuse these techniques resulting in stale products that simply lack originality and emotion. Pro or not though, the following time lapse videos of Seoul (and Pyongyang) we curated are creative, thought out, and well-produced. Check out fascinating angles of this city we love and see how the following artists immerse the viewer into a shifting cityscape through movement and time.


Fantastic SEOUL

Fittingly set to Dexter Britain’s “Wonderful Instrument,” epic chorus chants, staccato strings, and a pacing beat make a fine juxtaposition to the fast-paced life in Seoul on display here. Kyobok Koo chooses to shoot from skyscrapers all over town and other heightened vantage points, offering impressive views of Seoul transforming throughout the day and night.

Dynamic Seoul

This majestic production by AprilGarden utilizes gradual panning motions and matches the onset of Seoul’s city lights to rolling crescendos of music. A harmonious blend of vibrant color tones and a crisp white balance makes the flurry of passing lights a sight to behold.

Seoul: A Living Experience

This slower paced time lapse by Pierre Ogeron focuses on the subtleties of life – fading sunsets, bursting sun rays, whimsical cloud paths, a quiet moment alone. Long vibrato strokes of strings (a classical rework of Moby’s “Mistake” by Davide Rossi) create a serene yet tense atmosphere, successfully contrasting the down tempo track to a bustle of activity.

Speaking of contrast…

What would a time lapse of the capital city, Pyongyang, over in North Korea look like? Look no further for a window into the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The brilliant shooting style here fluctuates between macro and micro scenes, vacillates between normal and hyper speed, and moves in a first-person point of view for the majority of the video.

Enter Pyongyang

Which one of these time lapse videos of Seoul was your favorite and was there a particular reason? Let us know in a comment below! If you haven’t already, check out our first Seoul timelapse article that went viral!

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