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Over the years people have become increasingly more familiar with St. Patrick’s Day, but this month it’s time to embrace ‘The Ceilidh’. The Irish Association of Korea (IAK), in conjunction with the St. Andrew’s Society of Seoul, will be staging ‘The Ceilídh,’ a family fun event on Saturday, the 18th of October.
A Ceilídh, phonetically pronounced as Kaylee, has its origins rooted in the Celtic culture of Ireland and Scotland.DSC_0032 (2)

If you want to learn about about Celtic music, dance and culture then this is the perfect day to come along and find your roots. The day will be packed full of activities with a variety of Irish and Scottish dancing and music styles on show. The dances are very easy to learn and the entire day is centered around giving people the chance to learn and experience Celtic culture and have plenty of fun along the way.

Among the planned line up there are, to name a few, Korean Step Dancers ‘Tap Pung’, Korean Celtic musicians ‘Bard’, the traditional Irish Music Group ‘Ceoltoirí Seoul’, a traditional Scottish bagpiper, Scottish Country dancing, and rock band ‘Sweet Murphy’s Fancy’. As well as all of this there will be a special performance of Sean Nós and broomstick dancing. Sean Nós means ‘old style’ and is a casual style of dance that comes from the far West coast of Ireland, in a place called Connemara.DSC_0065

During each performance there will be an opportunity for all audience members to get involved and learn the simple dance steps. To finish in style there will also be an after party from 8pm that evening in The Wolfhound, Itaewon’s Irish bar. The evening event will be jointly hosted by the IAK and the Seoul Gaels Irish football team. So mark the date, get your dancing shoes ready and come join in these Celtic traditional festivities.

More info:

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When is it: Saturday, October 18th 1pm – 6pm
Where is it: D-Cube City, Sindorim
How much does it cost: Absolutely nothing
How to get there: Lines 1 & 2 Sindorim Station Exit 1
In the evening: The Wolfhound, Itaewan subway station exit 4, turn right and after 100 metres turn right again.

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