It’s amazing to consider that Korea has been separated into North and South for over 70 years. Within that lifetime much has changed in terms of the Korean language as it has been influenced with the changes in the world. The North, sheltered from the outside were not able to experience such change. This led to distinctive differences in vocabulary and speech between the north and south. The South Korean-North Korean Translator has been developed in order to aid and ease the transition of North Korean refugees in South Korea, many of whom have trouble properly assimilating due to the differences now present between the languages. Just take a look at some of the drastic differences the two languages have in the video above.


There are of course words that don’t even exist in North Korea

The app known as “글동무” or “Univoca” is a product of Cheil Worldwide & Dream Touch For All. It works by scanning a South Korean word and translating it into North Korean. Multiple words can also be targeted with this app. translate2

It is the with this app that developers hope to ease the transition for North Korean refugees and act as a bridge between the two cultures that have been separated by war. 

Visit 글동무/Univoca at the Google Play Store or App Store

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A California native with a passion for travel, JT has been living in Korea for the past two years. A health fanatic and a seeker of knowledge, JT co-founded SeoulSync because of a desire to create something larger than he could ever become alone.


  1. Bogdan Pammer says:

    Great project. I love it! However, the translation of the German guy is totally wrong. He says nothing about reunification.