What are the vital elements of a great night out? If your answer was “a creative combination of live music, art, and beer,” then Crazy Multiply, a Seoul-based art collective, has created an event with you in mind. It’s called Transcribe/Coalesce and it’s happening in Yogiga in Hongdae on January 31st.

The theme for Transcribe/Coalesce is expressing movement and music through visual art. There will be live bands, craft beer, performances, and works from Korean and expat artists on display. And while you’re welcome just to come along, you’re even more welcome to get involved.

Let’s face it, everyone knows the divide between the creator-artist and the passive audience is just a lot of 19th century nonsense – art is everywhere, artists too. Of course you’re welcome to just grab a beer and soak up all the art and music on offer, but with Transcribe/Coalesce, audience participation is more than encouraged, it’s built-in. As Amy Smith, one of Crazy Multiply’s co-curators, says, “Those who attend the show can engage with the art in a variety of ways. They can sketch Kaleena Carter’s still life instillation or physically become part of performance pieces by Martyn Thompson, Amanda Schutze, and Katelyn Douglass. And artists Michael Orshini and Min Lee have created pieces that participants can draw on.” And along with all that, you’re also welcome to bring your camera or sketchbook along and make your own art en plein air (or, in Yogiga’s basement).


The idea of blending art with music and artists with audiences, is the driving idea behind Crazy Multiply’s work, and they encourage submissions from artists and musicians for all their shows. Hallie Bradley had never been involved in the art scene until she submitted something to Crazy Multiply – she’s now one of the collective’s co-curators. In her words, “We want to give the audience the opportunity to experience art in a different way. We combine art and music into a party style, hoping that people will not just spectate but will also become involved in the themes that we are showcasing.”

In short, at Transcribe/Coalesce the music is live, the beer is craft, the vibe is chill, and the art is everywhere. Not a bad way to spend an evening. And who knows what you might end up creating?

Transcribe/Coalesce runs from 4 to 11pm on January 31st at Yogiga (Hapjeong Station exit 5, take the first right down a long street lined with cafes. You’ll find Yogiga downstairs in the basement of Rose Building, just before a large CU mart). The event page is here. Entry is 5,000 won.

If you’d like to submit some art or music to Crazy Multiply you can email them at crazymultiply @gmail.com

Photo by Crazy Multiply; header art by Marina Carstens.



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Richard Whitten

Richard was born in Sydney, Australia, and lived there his whole life until moving to Seoul. Though he's lived here for four years now and is happily married, he hasn't quite lost that 'Wow I'm in Korea!' enthusiasm.