It seems like all the juiciest bits of news coming out these days have something to do with SM Entertainment. On this episode of Weekly Rewind with BapMokja, Bapmokja and I will do a quick run through of Luhan’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment. We’ll follow that up with some strange business decisions made by Jessica and her partner. We then remind everyone about the JYP Global Auditions, and I’ll be telling the gut-wrenching story of how I screwed up my one chance to become a KPop Idol. Bringing up the rear, but no less important, is what we have to say about Red Velvet’s new music video, “Be Natural,” and Song Ji Eun’s solo teaser for her upcoming single, “Pretty Age 25.”

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WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE. If the f-word and s-word make you uncomfortable, this video isn’t for you.

Luhan’s Lawsuit

I voice some pretty strong opinions about Luhan and Kris’ decision to break their contracts. Ultimately, it comes down to playing the victim. If you don’t like the terms of a contract, just don’t sign it. Except, you won’t, because you know getting into SM Entertainment will provide you with the best opportunity to become a star.

You know SM Entertainment is going to work you to the bone.
You know they’re not going to treat you like a prince.
You still sign the contract because you know you’ll become famous.

So deal with it.

You don’t get to take advantage of everything the contract will do for you, then turn around and break the contract once you think you can make it on your own. It’s called business ethics. People like to point out that SM Entertainment is a bad company that treats their employees like trash.

So what?

Yes, it’s terrible. Yes, they should change their ways.

They won’t.

Not as long as there are thousands of little boys and girls lining up to make them money. That’s not what’s important. What other people do shouldn’t be your problem. It’s important to uphold personal ethics. It just makes you look like a scumbag if you act out of personal gain but pretend it’s because of some big bad wolf.

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Jessica Renames BLANC

Jessica’s under fire again. This time, Japanese and Korean netizens accuse her of plagiarizing an already established Japanese eyewear company, BLANC. Did you just do a doubletake? Yes, the name’s exactly the same as Jessica’s new company. In an effort to dodge trademark infringement and launch a new product line, Jessica changed the name of her company to BLANC & ECLARE.

But is that enough?

See for yourself. Check out the original Japanese company’s website then take a look at Jessica’s website. Similar names. Similar products. Similar branding. Similar layout. Tell us what you think in the comment section!

JYP Global Auditions 2014

JYP is at it again! They’re trying to find talent from North America and they’ll be hitting Los Angeles, on November 8th, and Toronto, on November 15th, to do just that. If you want your chance at fame, fortune, and glory go sign up!

Red Velvet, New Concept

Red Velvet came out with a tribute music video to S.E.S, SM’s first girl group that paved the way for all subsequent girl groups in KPop. The song is nearly identical to the original S.E.S version but the music video is definitely something else. Which version of Red Velvet do you like more, the cute, bubbly Happiness version, or the classy, sexy, long-legged Be Natural version?

Song Ji Eun’s Teaser

Song Ji Eun, from TS Entertainment’s Secret, has come out with an adorable teaser. The innocent concept seems to suit her well, but any concept will fit when you’re that gorgeous. Song Ji Eun, and Secret, seem to be a bit underrated in comparison to their generation of girl groups. What do you think? Do you feel they belong in their current popularity bracket, or do you think they deserve to have a little more attention?

Written by Haeppy.
Filmed and edited by BapMokja.
Featuring BapMokja and Haeppy.

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