Disney’s Frozen or “겨울왕국”  has taken Korea by storm,  and has become Korea’s number one grossing animation flick of all time. The title track of the movie, “Let it Go,” has become just as popular, if not more so, as the movie.  It is hard to enter any shopping area or place where students inhabit without hearing the now infectious song. Disney made a smart move and enlisted one of the most popular faces in K-pop, Hyorin of Sistar, to sing the Korean version of the popular track. However, it was not long before tons of other covers of the song started appearing on the Korean internet. SeoulSync has collected the top Korean covers of Frozen’s Let It Go for your viewing pleasure.

1. Sonnet Son Cover

This version features the song sung by a Korean Berklee School of Music student Sohn Seung Yeon. The video has over 2.5 million views and shows that this girl can hit the extreme notes flawlessly.


2. 2BiC Soul Cover

A more soulful version of the song performed by the guys of 투빅. This might easily become your favorite cover of the song with their smooth vocals and deep tones.


3. Sunghwa Jung Acoustic Cover

While not a vocal cover, this version features the famous Korean acoustic guitar prodigy Sunghwa Jung performing his arrangement of the song.


4. Kim Bo Hyung Cover

This version features of Kim Bo Hyung of the K-Pop group SPICA. Kim Bo Hyung’s version is a cover more close to Idina Menzel’s theatrical version.


5. Park Hyun Bin TROT Cover

This version is a little bit “out there”, but you can’t help but somehow be put in a better mood because of it. We can’t wait till it’s an option at our local Noraebang.


These are only a few of the many Korean covers of “Let it Go” on the net. Seen another noteworthy “Let It Go” cover? Share it below in the comments section!

About The Author

Stephen is a co-founder and writer for SeoulSync. He spends his time writing and making videos for the site while at the same time attempting to do P90x within the small confines of his officetel.