Dashcam recorder cameras are becoming more of a common fixture around the world. Certain countries such as Russia have even made them a requirement when operating a motor vehicle. They provide evidence and footage that can help law enforcement prevent future accidents as well as solve crimes. They provide on the spot reporting for major events and serve as a deterrent to those that wish to commit fraud by throwing themselves into passing vehicle dashboards.

Now there’s another use for them. A Dashcam recorder is after all, a filming device and if this modern era of technology has taught us anything it’s if you give a person a camera, they’re bound to make some internet worthy videos. Here is one such video taken from a dashcam in the streets of Korea.

Introducing DZG, a group of comedy filmmakers. Sketch comedy as this is often referred to as “Gag” comedy hence the addition to their name. It’s a great skit and makes for a great gif. We hope to see more productions from these guys in the future and hope they can keep us laughingSon18Ve - Imgur

To see more from the DZG-Gag group visit the DZG-Gag Youtube Channel.10525745_262364437285839_2739970051788015918_nPhoto cred: beyondtherhetoric | DZG Facebook | Imgur


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