The last post was all about what you should expect to see living in the sprawling metropolis of Seoul. This time we will give you an idea of what to embrace and what to avoid while living in or traveling to Seoul.

Seoul offers travelers and natives food, culture, and more. While some of it may seem strange or outlandish, being open is key to truly appreciating it for all that it has to offer. Keeping that in mind here are a few things you should do and a few things you should NOT do when traveling to Seoul, or abroad for that matter! Have other tips or advice? Let us know in the comments section below!

1. Do Eat and Try Everything 


Don’t forget that life is truly a gift and before we all kick the bucket we might as well try everything we can. Live octopus and blood sausages included! Yum!

2. Don’t Avoid the Museums and Cultural Sites

history was made here in Seoul, South Korea

While the parties and clubs all have their appeal, don’t forget to visit those cultural places as well. I did so the first time I visited Korea and ended up doubling back over here to get the full experience! Because remember, history was literally made here.

3. Do Go To The Bath Houses (Jjimjilbang/찜질방)

check out korean bath houses

Yes, it will be uncomfortable at first, but hey it’s the norm here! Just don’t stare!

4. Don’t Mumble in Cabs

Speak very slowly and clearly in cabs in Koreaspeak clearly in Korean cabs

I can honestly say that this has happened to myself and we ended up somewhere twenty minutes away. Try to muster up confidence and enunciate! If all else fails show the cab driver the name of the place.

5. Do Use the Public Transportation System When Traveling to Seoul

Seoul Transportation is quite brilliant

At first the public transportation system may seem enigmatic, but once you figure it out you will be on your way to cheap transportation (compared to much of the Western world). Public transportation in Seoul (and most of Korea for that matter) is clean, quick, and quite efficient. Plus, the subway beats being stuck in traffic during rush hour!

6. Don’t Listen to the Negative Nancys of the World

the world is out there to explore start in Seoulthe world is out there to explore

Many people will tell you to start your career or save more money before travelling the world or coming to Korea. Do NOT listen to the naysayers! The world is for us to explore and what better time to do this than before we settle down. Besides, you might find THE ONE wherever you might be going.

7. Do Embrace the Culture!

korean culture selfie in shower

You will probably find yourself in situations that may seem somewhat awkward. The best thing to do in these situations is to accept it and flow with it! Selfies included!

8. Don’t Forget To Call Home

home sick in korea call home

Yes, you will be having the time of your life travelling or living in Korea. But, that is no excuse to lose contact with loved ones from back home. A little effort goes a long way in keeping these long distance relationships strong.

9. Do Come a Little Early

come early to events in seoul

There are millions of people in Seoul, you are most likely not the only person going somewhere. Try to head out a little earlier to avoid the crowds, or anticipate how much extra time you need to get there.

10. Don’t Underestimate Soju

soju is  creeper causes much pain

Well look at that, Soju is only about 20% alcohol, weak stuff right? WRONG! If you don’t have much experience with the stuff take it slowly. Soju is definitely a creeper and will strike back, HARD.

11. Do Try to Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone

leave your comfort zone and dance

Travelling is the best time to experiment and try something new! Go outside of your comfort zone and live it up! You never know, you might be surprised to discover new things about yourself as well!

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