Playing pranks on friends while they’re asleep is a time honored tradition for guys. Shaving foam, hot water, cold water, and of course pen body art. I’m sure all bring back fond memories. In this video, an army recruit’s friends decide to play a prank by taking advantage of their friend’s training by playing the Korean military trumpet call.

One of the core principles of which any military is founded upon is routine; as it makes soldiers quite efficient. Almost too efficient in the case of the video above however, as you can see the recruit pop up from his bed almost instantly. In Korea, male citizens are required by law to serve a mandatory military service. During their time serving, they are given military leave which generally lasts anywhere from one day to two weeks. This was probably the case in the video as soldiers who feel anxiety from the trumpet call are likely to be new recruits. At the start of their service, recruits are sent to basic training for five weeks, in which the rules, etiquette, and routines are drilled into their minds.

The mandatory military service found in Korea is primarily due to the fact that the Korean War never officially ended. Instead they stand at an armistice that began on July 27, 1953. As North and South Korea are still technically at war, both sides have conscripted their citizens into compensatory military service. The South Koreans serve about two years, while North Koreans serve about ten years. Many hold off on their military service for a variety of reasons which include education, career, and health. South Korean men may serve their two years once they turn 18 and must complete their service by the time they are 35. Funny or mean? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!

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