Hyeri and Minah Give SNL Korea an Aegyo Overload

On October 11th, 2014 the wildly popular Korean girl group Girl’s Day hosted Saturday Night Live Korea, better known as SNL Korea. For those unfamiliar with the term, Aegyo (애교), is a manner of behavior popular among younger Koreans that translates into being cute or flirty. Aegyo is accentuated with a high register voice, hand motions, and acting like a baby. It’s been generalized as a way for a girl to get what she wants out of a male, although there are some male Kpop stars who will partake as well.

Hyeri and Minah

Hyeri and Minah

In any case, check out the skit below as Girl’s Day member Hyeri and Minah have an aegyo battle to win the side of a detective for their mothers. Hate it or love, the skit does a great job identifying that aegyo may actually be a “big problem,” suggesting that this sort of behavior isn’t beneficial of a generation of females in a patriarchal society. Politics aside, it’s a comedy show, so enjoy.

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