You would understand what’s going on in this Korean prank with or without our written assistance. However, for the sake of habit we’ll guide you along. Our prankster takes a fart or 방구 into his hand and sneaks up on unsuspecting victims. Clenching the volatile gas within his fist, he goes to tell his victim-t0-be that they have something on their nose(코). Cue laughter. It seems no one is really safe from his antics as he doesn’t discriminate between men or women. Even his mother is just another victim. Take this as a warning! The next time someone claims you have something on your nose, you’ll know better.


About The Author

A California native with a passion for travel, JT has been living in Korea for the past two years. A health fanatic and a seeker of knowledge, JT co-founded SeoulSync because of a desire to create something larger than he could ever become alone.