Never give up on a classic right? B-Classic is an innovative classical musical festival held in Belgium, Germany. They seek to change the notion that classical music is only for the uptight and sophisticated by reintroducing the genre to a new audience in a more familiarized way. By giving classic works a modern video makeover B-Classic hopes to give the genre the same appeal that Rock, Pop, and Rap music videos give off.

This new series of music videos is called the “Classic Comeback,” with all the power and elegance derived from classical music married with well, twerking, by a contemporary director. The first  “Classic Comeback” video is directed by Raf Reyntjens and is shot in South Korea. The video features the music of Antonín Dvořák’s “Symphony no 9 Allegro con fuoco”, accompanied by the choreography of Korean dance group Waveya (웨이브야). These ladies are quite popular within the borders of Korea and have quite the following on Youtube. Waveya does dance covers for tons of new K-Pop and mainstream western music videos but gained global attention when they covered Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, which currently has over 130 million views.

It’s nice to see Korean acts associated with something other than K-Pop for a change and we hope that the “Classic Comeback” succeeds in their mission of revitalizing the genre. Listen and watch as old meets new, Czech meets Korea, and Waveya meets Dvorak below.

Check out more about the B-Classic Festival and Waveya below.

Source: B-Classic, Waveya’s Youtube Channel

What do you think would be some good combinations of old classics and modern expression? Do you approve of the way they’re exposing people to this dying art, or is it just plain trashy? Sound off below.