We here at Seoulsync aren’t ones to hide our Korean dance enthusiasm. Just check out our other articles “Korean B-boys’ World Domination,” and “Korean Dance Group Waveya Meets Dvorak’s Symphony no 9 Allegro Con Fuoco.” This article stands to reaffirm the growth of dance culture within Korea as well as demonstrate the proficiency of those that practice dance regularly. Many of the dancers and teams featured in our previous articles such as  Jinjo Crew and Morning of Owl are known primarily as B-boys. Groups such as Waveya got their first taste of fame be being a dance cover group albeit a sexy one at that.

Let’s switch our focus to a different category of dance that is as easy to pick up as it is difficult to master, choreography. Dance studios are popping up around South Korea and dancers new and old are filling them to capacity. That’s not to say that Jinjo Crew, Morning of Owl and Waveya don’t practice choreography, they absolutely do. The fact that they do not only cements the importance of choreographed dance development, it lays the foundation of musical synchronization, beat counting, and providing an environment conducive to growth.

There are plenty of choreographers to choose from. However, these four Korean female choreographers were selected for their ability, passion, and drive. Visually, they’re stunning and technically skilled. Sit back and enjoy. Then hit the gym to try out your favorite set.


Hyerin Jang | GIRIN

Sexy, cool, and skilled.

Girin and the CUPCAKES absolutely wreck shop starting at 1:48.

Lia Kim

Have mercy.

Not to mention amazing isolations.

Ricka Heo

That look of happiness is infectious.

Fluid Hip-Hop meets Contemporary.

Mirim Lee

Classy and sexy

Raw and powerful


See more of each performer, their teams, and their studios at each of the Youtube channels below.

Hyerin Jang | Lia Kim | Ricka Heo | Mirim Lee

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    Damn, got chills from the second video.