For those you of who don’t understand the power of K-Pop please direct yourself to the above video. K-Pop super-group EXO performs one of their most famous songs “Growl,” while 30,000 fans in attendance at the Dream Concert 2015 showed their fandom by following along with song specific fanchants and occasionally singing the verses.The EXO fanchant outside Seoul Stadium is really something to behold. To really grasp the enormity of the situation it’s important to watch the video below that shows the legions of EXO-L‘s waving their glowsticks and screaming their hearts out. These fans are known as the loudest in K-Pop fandom and the video only backs up that claim. There is a lot of debate over the questionable behavior of these mega fans( see sasaeng fans), but for now lets just be impressed at their sheer numbers and devotion.

For those that wanted to see what things were like on the inside of the concert check out the video below. Take notice how during most of the song “Growl,” the cameras focus on the crowd rather than the performance.

Photo via Twitter “a_love_knot

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  1. HOKU wolf says:

    LOVE IT!!! I was in Tokyo on this day but my heart was in that stadium!!! Chincha!!