Reddit user /u/noonanim lays out an in-depth guide on getting into Kpop recording shows to get closer to your idols than ever before. We’ve added some information based on SeoulSync staff members’ experiences. This is for all the fans out there would of course want a closeup experience to what these Kpop music shows are like behind the scenes!

getting into kpop recording shows - the frenzy

Fans waiting outside SBS for their queue numbers to see Inkigayo.

Getting into Kpop Recording Shows

1. The Schedule

As of February 2015, the current weekly KPop recording schedule for music shows is as follows:

Sunday: SBS Inkigayo

Monday: Arirang Simply K-Pop (recorded every other week)

Tuesday: MTV The Show

Wednesday: MBC Show Champion

Thursday: Mnet M!Countdown

Friday: KBS Music Bank

Saturday: MBC Music Core

Programs begin recording during the early morning and shoot content until the live broadcast later on in the afternoon. As a fan, this is important because there are two ways to get into a recording. One is through a pre-recording while the other is through the live show. Pre-recordings take place earlier in the day with an individual artist or group filming only their song. This performance later gets edited into the live show, so a large majority of the artists aren’t actually performing live when you watch the show on TV. Pre-recordings are a lot easier to get into than the live show, as getting into the live usually requires being a Korean citizen and applying online for tickets.

The guide below will focus on how to attend a pre-recording for an individual artist.

If you’re trying to get into live shows with a fan club – which is entirely possible especially for smaller groups such as MYNAME (H2Media) – you should still check out the guide because most of the things apply to attending a live show without a ticket. On top of ticketed seats, live shows usually save a (considerably) small number of seats for fan clubs, and you won’t find out if you’ll get in or not unless you go try! Foreigners are just as welcome and able to get into live shows with a fan club as long as you fulfil other requirements. I’ve added more information on live shows below, so make sure to check that if you’re interested.

If you’re going for a smaller group, you might get lucky and get to see other groups record, too. The thing is, the stations try to make a crowd, so you might end up getting to see more than two or three artists on top of the one you went to see. Going to shows that record on weekdays are also good if you want to see more than one group: less fans show up (due to school/work).

2. Getting the Goods

The first thing you will need to decide is which group you would like to attend a prerecording for. All artists have a list of things you are required to bring for entry. Most artists also tier the order of entry based on how many of these things you come with or don’t come with.

For example, Infinite H currently uses a two tiered system with items as follows:

  1. INSPIRIT ID + Personal I.D. + Official Fanlight + Album [FLY AGAIN] + Proof of Purchase of the Digital Single [Pretty]
  2. Album [FLY AGAIN] + Proof of Purchase of the Digital Single [Pretty]

On the day of the recording you will be ranked in tiers and given an appropriate entry number based on the things you show up with (ex. if a fanclub member shows up with everything but the light, they will be moved to the back of the fanclub line; if a non-fanclub member shows up without proof of purchase they will be moved to the back of the non-fanclub line, etc). As foreigners who (probably) do not have fan club membership, it is important to bring as many things as possible or else you may get moved too far back and get cut from the recording.

Slogan towels, if demanded, can be bought at the venue day of the recording. However, some artists only sell these during their first two weeks of promotions or until they sell out. Proof of a digital purchase of the lead single off the album (음원 구매 확인서) can be purchased off of any Korean music website (Mel0n, Mnet, etc). You must print your user information along with your purchase history.

Almost all artists (minus SM and YG Artists) list the goods required for entry on their Daum Cafe[2] (look for the words 공방공식 to find recording information). For SM and YG Artists, their recording information can be found on the KOREAN VERSION of the artists’ official site.

Make sure you check the fan club site or official home page for which sites are applicable for purchasing music. Some include sites such as Soribada and Bugs, some do not. Note, however, that you cannot purchase music online with a prepaid phone number as you won’t be able to pass the online identity verification process that websites require.

Additionally, you should follow the group and their management on Twitter. For example H2Media posts additional information about recordings on their Twitter (shared by both MYNAME and Fly to the Sky) regarding where the fan club managers are – you need to find them to get your name on the list, see below -, changes in recording schedule, and locations of possible fan meets and so on.

For large and popular groups such as EXO, missing even one of the items means you’re unlikely to get in if they use the fan list method (see below), so be precise with your items. On the day of the recording, remember your CD has to be opened (remove any plastic wrapping beforehand to save time), and you must bring everything that came in the case, as the staff will sometimes make sure you actually got the physical CD and not just the case.

3. Applying to Pre-Records

Depending on the fanclub, pre-recording information can be released as early as a few days before, to as late as the night before. Most Korean fanclubs have moved to an Official List (run by the companies themselves), except SM fangroups, who still go by Fan Lists. I will cover the Official List first and then the Fan List way.

Official List Format

Most companies will post information on their official fancafes the day before, with information regarding the number of people they will accept, along with recording time (사전녹화 시간) and check-in time (인원체크 시간). You must be there by the check in time, or you will be moved to the back of the line.

In addition to this, the notices will also note the application time (신청게시판 오픈) along with the number of people being accepted (~명) and the information required for application.

For example, in this notice for Infinite H’s[3] pre-recording for Mnet Countdown, the Recording Time is listed as 2PM, check in time is at 12:30PM. The required goods for entry are also noted along with the number of people being accepted (300), the application time (5PM-5:30PM, the day before), and information required for entry (공식 [fanclub members] Name / Birthday / Fanclub # — 비공식 (non-fanclub members) Name / Birthday / Phone #).

Around application time, a separate board[4] will open for applications (I took this screenshot after the boards had closed, so there is only the returned applications board listed). There are separate boards for fanclub members (공식) and non-fanclub (비공식) members, you should apply accordingly, don’t forget to hit the lock key when you apply to make it private. Non-fanclub members are only accepted if there are spaces left after all the fanclub members have been processed.

Later on in the day a notice will be posted on the fancafe with the full list of names for the recording, your number on the list is your entry number (some cafes also reply to applications with a comment instead of posting a separate list).

Please note that some clubs (such as BEAST and Big Bang), do not allow pre-applications/numbering for non-fanclub members. For those clubs you just have to show up at the check in time and hope there are empty spaces.

As a sidenote — YG singers use this format but do application by email. Check their official website for application information.

Fan Lists (SM Way)

Fan Lists for pre-recordings are, in essence, entry lists first put together by fans, which then are turned into the official company staff prior to recording. The company then uses this list for official entry numbers. This used to be the preferred way of entry for most groups, until companies started prohibiting fanclubs from staying overnight and took over the lists themselves.

Nevertheless, SM still uses this method for all their groups.

As soon as notices are put up on the official website, a member of a large fansite will usually travel to the venue and post up a sign with recording information for that particular artist. Thus, it is important as soon as you see the notice to travel to the venue ASAP and find the fansign.

You will then have to take a picture with the sign and text it to the number written. The person managing the sign will text back with your number and the check-in time (keep in mind this number is not final, numbers get shifted around when official fanstaff arrives and begins checking for goods).

Depending on the artist, there can sometimes be multiple check-in times for groups before the “official” check-in time in the morning. However, for others, the fan staff just require a morning check an hour or so before the official check in.

Some groups do not make applying as difficult, though. Some smaller groups do not list the number of fans who will be allowed and will simply open a board on Daum where you have to write your name and contact number “to get an idea of how many people are coming”. In such cases there will be no reply, list of refused applications, or any of the kind; it’s basically just a draft of the fan list.

SM uses the official list more for large end-of-the-year events and live recordings: for normal pre-recordings, they still operate mainly under the fan list system. Last week, it was stated that EXO fans need a ticket to enter live shows, but for their pre-recordings, they still use the fan list method. Make sure you check the info on the SM groups’ Korean websites to make sure which list system they’re using for the recordings.

In some cases (such as f(x) in 2013 and Amber’s solo promotions in 2015) you won’t find a list at all, but will have to contact the fan club staff on the spot or day of the recording. For information on how to contact them, see below!

Waiting for the 인원체크(inwon check, checking of goods & handing queue numbers) at 3AM...

Waiting for the 인원체크(inwon check, checking of goods & handing queue numbers) at 3AM…

4. On the Day Of

Double check your check-in time and make sure you are on time.

If you applied through the Official List method and are late to the check-in time, but in for the recording time, you will often times be let in but just moved to the back of the line (since you have a pre-confirmed number). If you have a pre-confirmed number you do not need to show up early for check-in, just come a little before it starts.

If you are applying through the Fan List method and miss the check-in time, you may not be able to get in.

The first thing to do is always find your group. Look for fans holding your CD, or even better, the fan staff. Fan staff usually wear tags around their neck with group names or pictures.

Fanstaff will begin checking goods/names as soon as the check-in time begins. Have your goods out and ready as to not hold up the line. As soon as you get a number you’re good to go! Usually the fanstaff lets people scatter and come back at a later time. Make sure you pay attention to the return time and don’t be late.

If you are lucky enough to be in the front ~20 numbers, you will also have a good chance of getting into the live show in the afternoon. Again, if your number is good enough, pay attention to the staff when the pre-recording is over, and they will tell you what time to return at for the live.

Also, if you don’t get a number via online application, don’t worry! If you’re determined to try to go it’s always worth it to just show up and ask. There are always anywhere from 20-60 fans who don’t show up to the recording day of. Most clubs have penalty policies in affect to prevent fans from skipping out, but it still happens.

Keep in mind that usually 2/3 of a recording is waiting around, so please be patient. Pre-Recordings, from check-in time to finish, usually last around 3-4 hours. It really is amazing when you get to see it!

When we say “be on time”, we mean it – be early. In the case of a combination of a list on Daum and a fan list, especially, the earlier you show up the better your chances to get in first assuming you have all the required items. However, keep in mind each station’s individual rules for waiting overnight. Recently, H2Media reported that fans are not allowed to wait outside stations before 5am according to station rules, but whether other fan clubs beside MYNAME’s will actually abide remains to be seen…

Something to add about the check-in methods: the fan-made list is usually constructed and finalised on the day of the recording, a few hours before the check-in time begins. To get your name on the list you have to find the fan club staff members or “supporters”. The best method to find them is to have a Korean friend in the fan club and ask them – they’re likely to know! Or…

You can either check if the official Twitter has any information on where they are (such as a cafe), or go on the location and try find contact information taped on the ground, posts, or similar around the station. In most such cases you’re either told to go to a place to find them or you’ll find a phone number. To get on the list, you need to send your information to the number. There’s various ways to do this, and they always leave instructions; however if you don’t know Korean and don’t have anyone to ask, you can take a photo of yourself and/or your passport or something similar with the identification visible, send the photo as well as a message with your name and phone number. If your submission was successful, you’ll get a reply with your queue number.

If the check-in time is very close to the time you’ll be let in, they don’t let you wander (you’ll lose your spot). Look at what other fans are doing. If they begin to leave, you’re most likely allowed to go, in which case you should ask other fans or the staff for when to be back.

Smaller groups usually don’t care if you’re a little late or if you’re not a fan club member – as long as you accept being put at the end of the line.

Another thing I’d like to add about shows: if you’re going for a smaller group, you’ll quickly notice that the fans know each other. For a lot of the Korean fans, going to shows is as much about the idols as it is about meeting friends. They go to different schools or live all across the country, so attending music shows is the only way for them to meet friends regularly while doing what they all enjoy. In such cases fans are also really happy to know who you are and who is your favourite member, etc; I’ve made plenty of great friends by starting to chat with the fans at shows. For larger groups, fans might not be as welcoming because there’re so many of them and they all want to get in – don’t be intimidated by them, and instead, behave nicely and do as the staff says in order to give them a good impression! Remember that one fan’s bad behaviour can lead all fans to be banned from a show or made to wait outside in the cold, and so on.

A prohibition we’ve all heard of which is also very true and that staff is very strict about: when you’re inside the station, don’t take photos, video, or record anything. You’ll risk getting thrown out and having the fan club banned from upcoming shows. I’ve seen Korean fans text and make phone calls during the breaks between groups’ filming, but just to be sure, I recommend keeping your phone in your bag the whole time.

The ticket to the recordings: the queue number. The first numbers (or alphabet) is your "group" depending on how many of the required items you have, while the latter is your number within that group.

The ticket to the recordings: the queue number. The first numbers (or alphabet) is your “group” depending on how many of the required items you have, while the latter is your number within that group.


SBS Inkigayo

Time: Sunday, 1:15PM

Location: SBS 등촌동 공개홀 (SBS Dongchon-dong, Broadcasting Hall)

How to Get There: Take the Metro Line No. 9 to Gayang Station (가양역), exit out of Exit 10 and go straight two blocks.

Inkigayo along with Music Core usually take the most amount of people for prerecordings (300-400). Pre-recordings are usually held in a large hall with the first ~100 front-numbered fans getting to stand in front of the stage, and the rest sitting in seats in the auditorium. Although Inkigayo and Music Core accept the most amount of people, they are also the shows that get the most amount of applications due to the weekend slot.

For Inkigayo’s live, fan clubs often allow some 15 to 20 people in without a ticket. If you’re very tall, even if you were in the block that’s allowed to stand, you might be moved to the side or told to sit down (this applies to most shows that have a standing space on the front of the stage).

Inkigayo does not have a proper yard to wait at, so be careful of traffic and mindful of regular passers-by. There’re multiple cafes right by the studio; but the cafes don’t have individual toilets, instead you must borrow the key and bring your own paper to use the complex’s bathroom. If you’re waiting for a long time, get lunch in one of the little Korean restaurants, or go to Homeplus on the other side of the street!

Arirang Simply K-Pop

Recording Time: Every Other Monday, All Day

Location: Arirang Tower (Arirang Tower 2351 Nambusunhawn-ro (Seocho-dong), Seocho-gu, Seoul)

How to Get There: Take the Metro Line No. 3 to Nambu Bus Terminal (남부버스터미널) and exit out of Exit 5. Walk until you reach a large 4-way intersection (Seocho 3-Dong Intersection) turn left and walk until you are in front of the Seoul Arts Center, take a right in front of the Seoul Arts Center and walk down ~two blocks until you are in front of Arirang Tower. The walk takes around ten minutes.

Arirang is the easiest K-Pop show for foreigners to get tickets to, and the smallest recording venue (you are literally sitting on the floor). I highly recommend applying if you happen to be in town when a recording is happening.

To apply visit their ticket board[3] , they will post information regarding their pre-recording artists and their main recording artists. Read through and determine which artist you would like to see.

In order to apply for a slot you need to create an Arirang account and post on the message board. The topic of your post should be the date of the recording followed by the part you are requesting attendance for (Part 1, 2 or 3) or the main recording. You can apply for multiple parts. You should write down your name, email, and phone number and make sure the post is marked as “closed.”

Chosen audience members are contacted via email Sunday evening. Arirang usually puts up the announcements for recordings around Wednesday/Thursday the week before.

Please keep in mind their main recording is extremely long, as they film two weeks worth of material. If you choose to go for the main recording you will be in the studio from around 6pm to 11pm.

You do not need a ticket to Arirang if you’re going with a fan club. In this case, do everything according to the guide above, and remember to show up on time. There’s a cafe in B1 which you can wait in (they’re pretty cheap, too). However, getting a ticket is relatively easy, so it’s definitely worth the shot.

If you’d rather not walk from the subway, there’s a bus that stops in front of the station from Nambu bus terminal. Exit the subway station via exit 5, and there’s a bus stop right outside (about 5 metres at most). Green bus number 22 goes to Arirang – the stop name has Arirang in it, and they announce it in English as well (Korean for the name is 아리랑국제방송국안원 정류장)!

Because Simply Kpop is recorded in two parts, you might not get to see every group that records that day – but you’ll likely see everyone in the block record twice as they do material for two weeks! Arirang is also good because groups have a little more time to interact with fans. If you’re a fan of U-Kiss, you might also get the chance to chat with Eli.

If you get a ticket for the show, you might also get picked to be the “foreign announcer” who gets to announce the next group to the camera!

MTV The Show

Time: Tuesday, 6PM

Location: 상암동 SBS프리즘타워 (Sangam-dong, SBS Prism Tower)

How to Get There: Take Metro Line No. 6 or the Airport Express to Digital Media City, come out of exit 9, and walk straight ~2 blocks. SBS should be right on your left (along with a ton of other broadcasting companies).

The Show is one of the less popular K-Pop shows for some reason, so applications to get in are usually a bit easier. If you don’t have fanclub membership I definitely recommend trying for The Show. They use an auditorium format like Inkigayo.

The Show is easy to see live, too. Usually most fan clubs are allowed in for it, so make sure you check with the staff after the recording. If you’re a Super Junior M fan, it’s a nice chance to see Zhoumi do his job, and Hongbin of VIXX was recently made a host, too.

There’s a cafe and a shop next to the entrance. On rainy days, you might get to wait in the lobby, too!

MBC Show Champion

Time: Wednesday, 6pm

Location: 일산 드림센터 (Ilsan, Dream Center)

How to Get There: Show Champion is the most annoying show to get to, based solely on the fact that it isn’t located in Seoul but in the neighboring city of Ilsan. Personally, I find the easiest way is to take the Gyeongeui Line (경의선), a commuter line, to either Ilsan Station or Baekma Station and then taking a taxi to the Dream Center. However, there are buses that go directly there.

Previously, Show Champion used to be unique in the fact that along with MNet it was the only show that had an all-standing audience. However, as it seems the venue has changed since I last went, I believe it’s changed to an auditorium-based format as well.

If you have time, you can get to Dream Center by using the Seoul Metro line 3. It takes about an hour by subway. Ilsan is a nice little city worth exploring, and Dream Center is easy to find from the subway station. Take line 3 to Jeongbalsan Station (정발산역). Get out through exit 1; you’ll be standing next to a park. Walk straight to the next four-way intersection (there’s a bus stop in the middle of the road right at the intersection) and turn right. Walk down the street. Dream Center is at the end on your right with a riverside park area accessible across the street.

Dream Center is the location for a lot of award shows and the like. For these, most groups go by official lists instead of fan lists. If you don’t get a number via the application process, don’t bother going – they take exactly the amount of people who get in, and being accepted without a number is near impossible in the case of award shows.

MNet M!Countdown

Time: Thursday, 7:30pm

Location: Sangam-dong, CJ E&M Center

How to Get There: Take Metro Line No. 6 or the Airport Express to Digital Media City come out of exit 9 and walk straight ~2 blocks. CJ E&M is located behind SBS Prism Hall. Walk around a little and you should find it.

MNet! Mnet used to be the one show easy for foreigners to get into the live, however recently it’s gotten very difficult to get live tickets. Although the show does still hand them out in the morning, I’ve heard that lately they tend to only give out ~10 tickets per week for people who show up that morning. Still, if you want to try your luck show up early Thursday morning and try lining up for the live. Early means first light!

Besides that, MNet is one of the best shows to go for since it’s all standing so regardless of your entrance number you’re always super close. Highly recommended!

The thing about foreigners not having it any easier these days is because the number of us coming to Korea for studying, working, or holidays and wanting to go on shows has grown. Just a couple of years ago, being a westerner at a music show meant long, surprised looks, and in 2013, foreigners still got given a lot of leeway in case you didn’t bring all the necessary items and so on. This spring, I’ve seen so many foreigners attend shows it’s surprising even to myself, so they’ve most likely had to agree upon being strict and equally fair to everyone.

MNet is also the one station that often does very late recordings, especially if they’re working with smaller groups. If you’re determined to see your group, be prepared that you might not be able to catch the last train home: some groups record as late as 1AM. In such cases fans are allowed to wait indoors during wintertime. Luckily, there’s plenty of taxis passing by, and if you’re going to the East side of the city after the show, you can ask them to take the Naebu Ringway to get home faster.

If time is of essence to you, and you don’t really care that much for the groups but rather would experience a K-pop music show live, as well as a tour around the studios: try the M Cultour, available monthly via (requires login). The package costs some $63, but includes some souvenirs, and you’ll have a guide who speaks English, Japanese and Chinese. It’s arranged by SM and CJ E&M.

KBS Music Bank

Time: Friday, 6:30PM

Location: KBS 신관 공개홀 (KBS Broadcasting Hall)

How to Get There: Take the Metro Line No. 9 to National Assembly Station (국회의사당역) come out of exit 4 and walk straight, take a left at the end of the road (in front of the park) and walk a block down and take a right. You’ll need to look for the building in the KBS complex, it’s toward the back.

Music Bank is one of the harder shows to get into. They are all sitting and have no standing seats and usually only take around a hundred fans. Unless it’s a comeback or a goodbye stage (where they usually tend to take more) I would recommend trying another show.

KBS does arrange a standing area from time to time, but it’s very small due to the way the stage is built and you should definitely be prepared to be seated and not very close to the stage. There’s a cafe in the complex. However most of the time fans have to wait outside and are allowed in the lobby just a little before being allowed in the studio.

At KBS, it’s considerably easy to go see groups arrive, because they will all come through the parking lot to the back of the complex. You’ll have an easy time finding it by following the stream of fans. The lining up does not take place here, but up the large set of stairs close to the back door. The lot is completely without cover from the wind, so be prepared – there’re no buildings to stop you from getting beaten by it.

MBC Music Core

Time: Saturday, 3:15PM

Location: MBC 상암 공개홀 (MBC, Sangam Broadcasting Station)

How to Get there: Take Metro Line No. 6 or the Airport Express to Digital Media City come out of exit 9 and walk straight ~2 blocks. Pass SBS and cross the street to end up by the MBC Building, if you walk into the complex you’ll see that there’s an indoor waiting room right next to the Starbucks.

Music Core also uses the auditorium style that Inkigayo uses. They tend to record multiple artists at a time, so if you go in for a pre-recording you may get to see 2-3 other artists besides your own.

The station is another one of those located around the Digital Media City area, so you’ll have plenty of cafes to go to and so on.

Music Core (or MBC Show as it seems to be called at the moment in Korea) has extremely nice staff and they’re sometimes willing to allocate a lot more people than they originally planned for prerecordings. Just last Saturday, they said that just 250 EXO fans would get in for the recording; but in the end, they let in almost 700 fans. MBC, like KBS, has a large studio, so even if it looks like you might not get in at first, wait until the staff tells you what’s going to happen! In order to make it more likely, make sure you behave nicely and don’t leave trash on the yard and so on.

In the case of nighttime recordings, MBC is also kind enough to let fans use the bathroom. As with other studios, waiting indoors is usually not allowed until the fanclub staff leads fans inside, so it’s best to look around outside before checking indoors. The broadcasting hall is a slightly round building beside a large building resembling a silver sculpture, and there’s a grand plaza with lots of seating areas and nearby cafes too. The nighttime guards are quite kind, so don’t hesitate to ask them for help if you’re lost and need to find a specific building or area.

As a general note about all the shows’ pre-recordings: be prepared to travel to stations at odd times and not make the last train or bus. Some groups’ pre-recordings take place at strange hours (I have experience of getting my queue number at 23:30, and leaving the recording at 3:00AM and having to wait at the studio through the night for the goods check at 5:30AM). However, it’s great fun because you get to experience the unity of the fanclub when everyone is trying not to fall asleep, and this in turn is a great time to make friends. In general, many Korean fans go to recordings not just for the band but their friends, too. Don’t be shy to try to talk with them. Other fans are the best source for information about other events, such as radio recordings, and they’ll be there when you’re debating whether to take a taxi home or spend the night at a cafe nearby!

In general: follow the rules set by the particular group’s fanclub leaders and the TV stations. Don’t push or run even when you see your favourite idol, and learn the fanchants. Bring something to drink and some snacks, and if you’re going in winter or spring when the winds are cold, dress warmly (and don’t forget the umbrella). Bring something to sit on, even if it’s just a plastic bag; if you can share it, even better. And don’t forget to have fun and treat it as a good experience even if you don’t get in! Going alone for the first time is really scary, but sooner rather than later you’ll find yourself planning where to go next.

Sometimes idol groups will announce surprise fanmeets for those who came to the studio that day, so it's worth the effort even if you don't get in! Pictured: MYNAME's fanmeet after Inkigayo.

Sometimes idol groups will announce surprise fanmeets for those who came to the studio that day, so it’s worth the effort even if you don’t get in! Pictured: MYNAME’s fanmeet after Inkigayo.

Original posts can be found here(Part1/Part2). Let us know if you any tips of your own on getting into Kpop recording shows!

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