Anybody not living under a rock should be aware of SM Entertainment’s conflict with Jessica Jung, an ex-member of Girl’s Generation.

Jessica, Girl’s Generation, and SM Entertainment have been trending topics since Jessica shocked the world with her Weibo update. Finding news about it isn’t hard. You can read about it from countless sources, including right here at SeoulSync.

What BapMokja and I are giving you is an in-depth look at the reasoning, rationalizations, and deep, dark speculations surrounding the whole thing. All of this juicy stuff packaged in an easy-on-the-eyes video with hilarious commentary.

Yes, we’re hilarious.
Don’t think so? Watch the whole thing then tell us why we’re not.
WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE. If the f-word and s-word make you uncomfortable, this video isn’t for you.
The most important things to take from this Jessica Girl’s Generation Special of our Weekly Rewind can be boiled down to three big points.

First, everything that’s happening didn’t come out of left field. Jessica had already communicated her desire to quit Girl’s Generation in 2013. Recently, some of the girls brought Jessica’s expulsion up to SME, which was rejected, before all 8 banded together and confronted Jessica themselves. Shocking, isn’t it? SME was actually the good guy! Whatever the reasons were behind Jessica’s expulsion from Girl’s Generation, it was definitely an issue between the 9 members of the group.

Second, BapMokja and I voice our opinions about what Jessica did right and what she did wrong. Jessica was smart for trying to secure a future after Girl’s Generation, but went about it in all the wrong ways.

Lastly, we touch a bit on Tyler Kwon, Jessica’s current Korean-American boyfriend. His alleged behaviour all point to sleazy con-man. He owns an investment company that has dubious claims of actually making good investments for its clients; he dated and cheated on Gillian Chung, a former member of Hong Kong’s Twins duo; and he has invested none of his personal funds in Jessica’s business, BLANC, yet owns a portion of the company as her partner.

At the end of each Weekly Rewind, BapMokja and I also talk about the songs that we’ve been looping for a week. Maybe you’ll discover some new songs that’ll change your world. Who knows?

Interested now? Good.
If you haven’t already, watch the video. It’s less than 10 minutes long.
You’ll love it. I promise.

Written by Haeppy.
Filmed and edited by BapMokja.
Featuring BapMokja and Haeppy.


The views presented in the video do not reflect those of SeoulSync. The video is an episode of BapMokja’s Weekly Rewind and reflects only the views of its hosts, BapMokja and Haeppy.