Breaking News: Jessica releases first official statement. 

After all the controversy and frustration concerning Jessica from Girls’ Generation, millions of fans were brought under a huge shock when news and media outlets reported that Jessica will be leaving Girls’ Generation and no longer participate as a performing member. SM Entertainment told local media that due to disagreements regarding Jessica’s recent collaboration with Tyler Kwon and her new fashion line, they can “no longer continue working as a team with Jessica.” However, due to the three year contract that SNSD members recently renewed with the agency, Jessica will still remain under the management of SM Entertainment.


Jessica started off as one of the lead vocalists in Girls’ Generation after their first debut back in 2007. For the past seven years, they’ve been dominating the K-Pop music charts year after year, gaining recognition and popularity all over Asia. Since then, Jessica has taken on many activities of her own, such as releasing solos for Korean dramas, taking on main roles in musicals, and modeling for numerous advertisements, campaigns, and product endorsements.

Rumors started surfacing Monday morning after an update on Jessica’s Weibo account stating her current stance with the agency. Following the update, SM Entertainment stated, “While we were in the middle of discussing the release of Jessica’s withdrawal from the group, Jessica herself decided to release the statement from her own perspective early that morning.” In the midst of all this, the other eight members of Girls’ Generation, departed to China for a fan event, which sparked even more controversy and rumors.

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According to some of SM’s released statements to the press, Jessica previously hinted that she was ready to move on with other things of her own and end her activities with Girls’ Generation upon completing their new album. The rest of the members contemplated and continually worked with SM’s headquarters on creating a good direction for the group’s future upon hearing Jessica’s sudden wishes. There are many rumors going around as to the reasons behind Jessica’s unexpected departure. One of them is related to the launch of Jessica’s new fashion line, “Blanc,” along with a potential marriage with Tyler Kwon, who is one of the investors in Jessica’s new line and rumored to have been dating Jessica since last year. 

However, members from SM Entertainment and other media outlets are stating that the biggest reason is based on Jessica’s conflict with the agency and the group that resulted from her new fashion career. The other eight members have previously had issues regarding Jessica’s new fashion career due to worries that she would devote more time into becoming a designer rather than her role in the group.  Jessica supposedly worked out her intentions with the managers at SM but was forced to choose between her solo career and staying in the group. The real problem wasn’t with Jessica being a member of Girls’ Generation while designing. It dealt more on the base that Jessica might have lived as a designer while using the Girls’ Generation title to her advantage. 14446939612_3874d2c533_z

SM Entertainment has already started experiencing a decrease in stock, dropping more than 3% just yesterday morning. What’s in store for their future, no one really knows for sure. Many fans are saying that Girls’ Generation will be able to function fine without Jessica in the group. Others are putting more emphasis on Jessica’s role as a lead vocalist and adding on that Girls’ Generation and SM Entertainment will suffer a huge drop in their marketing. 

While both parties’ statements have been on different pages, both have agreed that Jessica’s personal issues are the main factor in her departure. As for now, SM Entertainment confirmed that she will be stopping her activities with Girls’ Generation after the release of their upcoming album and move forward with her solo career. 


Nobody knows who’s telling the truth and who’s not. Because of SM’s history of public disputes with their artists, fans are reluctant to believe 100% of what the agency’s spokespeople are telling the media. However, the public is also smart enough to know that they shouldn’t take Jessica’s claims to heart either as people have a tendency to play the victim in specific situations. At this point, fans are more interested in what the other eight members of Girls’ Generations have to say.

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