Cypher –  in relation to freestyle rapping is a cyclical chain known for continuous rapping without major pause or break.

If the only Korean rapping you’ve listened to came from a Kpop boy or girl band you’ve been seriously missing out. Korean Hip-Hop grows in popularity everyday with old and new talent starting to take attention away from their brightly dressed and dancing musical counterparts. International stars are making their way over to Korea to perform for avid listening of hip hop and r&b. These Korean hip hop cyphers feature some of the industry’s biggest names, rising stars, and relatives unknowns making their way center stage.

Epik High, Dynamic Duo and Simon D

This is a performance leading into a music award show, so it lacks the raw nature that the later videos will portray. It is however every bit as impressive and amazing to listen to. Featuring Simon D, Epik High and Dynamic Duo, the Gangnam Clique takes to the streets and finishes it off on stage to the cheers of all onlookers.


A relatively new label led by stars Jay Park and Simon D, AOMG has been signing young and raw talent to creating a team of artists to look out for. Many of those feature below are starting to appear as featured artists in other videos as well as some having their own solo music video debuts. Artists featured include Loco, Gray, and Ugly Duck

Rookies Game Cypher 1

These guys formed themselves in 2011 and have been releasing tracks ever since. The video features members Demento, Eeyu, Sexyhomme, J. Counter, Trumpking, Sapo, Be-all. Directed by Ash Crimson.

Rookies Game Cypher 2

The kids are back again, unfortunately this video doesn’t contain English or Korean subtitles. We will update if we can find a newer version.

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