It has been about four years and one week since the long awaited comeback of the hip-hop artist MC Mong (MC 몽) has been released. MC Mong’s recent comeback has stirred the Korea media all this past week.

Around four years ago, MC Mong was accused of trying the dodge the mandatory national service (military service) in South Korea. In Korea, it is required that all males are to serve time in the military. This scandal shocked Korea since MC Mong was a highly appreciated artist/public figure at that time. During his trial, MC Mong halted all public appearances including participating in the popular show, 1 Night 2 Days. According to his widely publicized trial, a dentist made a statement stating that MC Mong allegedly paid the dentist extra to extract two of his teeth. The extraction of the teeth would disqualify MC Mong from the national service. However, MC Mong strongly denied those claims.

The trial was very controversial due to the constant changing of statements from MC Mong and his testifiers. In the end, MC Mong was temporarily charged of violating the national service law and then disappeared from public’s view. Since this incident, MC Mong was banned from major entertainment industries such as KBS, MBC, and SBS. Though MC Mong was cleared from these allegations, he still ended up serving some time in jail and having hours of community service.


At the beginning of this week, MC Mong released the highly anticipated album “Miss Me or Diss Me.” This album contains thirteen original songs that feature other well-known artists like Bumkey, Jinsil from Mad Soul Child, Ailee, and much more. Since the release of his eery trailer, netizens have been non-stop talking about his comeback. And finally it is here!

Since the release, MC Mong’s album, “Miss Me or Diss Me” has been an “all- kill” in all the real-time charts of Korea this week. MC Mong’s debut song seems to talk about his journey to overcome the pain and hurt he endured since the scandal. At one point in the song, he reveals the loneliness and craved the interaction with people.

Real talk
It will float after every fall and everything
That’s been taken all
Did you miss me or did you diss me

If you have not heard or seen MC Mong’s debut song, check out the video below:

Photos vis Soompi

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