Mamamoo (Feat. Bumkey)Don’t Be Happy

Mamamoo: A brand new four member girl group consisting of Solar (Leader and Vocals, 91’), Moon Byul (Rapper and Dancer, 92’), Wha Sa (Rapper, 95’), and Whee In (Vocals, 95’).

Don’t Be Happy (행복해하지마): This song is about being heartbroken in the wake of a breakup. Many of us have gone through a bitter experience where we watch those we love move on and realize that we’re unable to do anything about it. Feeling dejected, we naturally want them to feel what we’re going through.

(The official music video doesn’t include Bumkey’s audio, for whatever reason, so the original track is included as well)

The group provides a different vibe from what most girl groups are producing at the moment. Seductive voices over the Jazz track blended with R&B beats and a fashion flair from the Roaring 20’s… what else do you need? Adding the talents of vocalist Bumkey (84’) creates for a beautifully somber tune.

This is a great song to listen to when you just need to slow things down while on the go, sitting in a coffee shop while enjoying your favorite cup of joe, or simply to sing along to. I personally sometimes have this song on repeat while I wind down and try to relax after a tiring day. I highly recommend you take a listen.

Wha Sa. Moon Byul. Whee In. Solar

Don’t be happy

While you’re at it check out their newest track with K. Will and feat. Whee Sung titled, Peppermint Chocolate.

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