Ever wonder how Koreans react to typical American pop culture? Similar to the popular “Youtubers React to…” videos online, youtuber swyoon started a new series of “Koreans React to” videos, documenting a few Korean girls’ reactions to American pop culture, emphasizing the differences between the two countries.

The first video shows a number of Korean girls’ reactions to Nicki Minaj’s music video, “Anaconda,” along with follow up questions on their first impressions. Quick note, the translations are a little off, but they still capture the overall essence of each participants’ reaction.  Just keep in mind that the translations used are made to sound a bit harsher than they actually are. 

Koreans react to Nikki Minaj – Anaconda has been removed from Youtube due to copyright. 

The next video shows their reactions to some of the most typical American snacks. Again, the translations are a little off, but they still capture the same idea.

Ever wonder how Americans would react to Korean culture? Check out this next reaction video from Buzzfeed of Americans trying out some of Korea’s everyday snacks. 

Famous youtubers also took part in reacting to Kpop. It’s nice to see the contrasts and similarities in reactions between the two cultures and music produced domestically.

There are tons of other videos to check out in regards to reacting to Korean culture.

Have any ideas on something you’d like to see? Let us know below, and we’ll try to film it for you guys!

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