International sports fans living in Korea, this is a public service announcement for those that don’t already know. Streaming sports in Korea is a pain. We understand that it’s hard to keep up with your favorite sports due to time constraints and other numerous factors. Finding a stable streaming service is a hassle. Getting a VPN just to watch something for an hour or two a day may seem a bit unnecessary. Now if you’re at home or are set up with a streaming service on your phone you may already be covered, but for those looking for a way to watch sports such as MLB, NBA, and the UFC you’re in luck.


Spotv offers streaming options for a multitude of sports.

Spotv is a Korean Youtube channel dedicated to streaming live sports without any of the hassle. Now some people might be put off by the fact that the commentary is done solely in Korean, but just think of it as a way to improve your Korean skills. If people can learn languages from watching TV shows and movies than it’s certainly a possibility with sports, right? Spotv has currently been streaming the NBA PlayoffsMLB and UFC consistently while also offering a chance to watch other games like Starcraft and Korean Baseball.


Photo Credit: Pmillera4