While pool parties are not awfully popular in Korea, people here do know how to PARTY. Our partners Good Times ROK (GTR) have teamed up with Heineken to host a pool party of epic proportions this summer. The event will be held at Shin Heung Leisure Town and will have a maximum capacity of 2,000 party goers, which will provide enough space to rival some of the most popular clubs in Seoul.

Since this will be a pool party the forecast is fun in the sun with as little clothing as possible. The event will include a swimsuit contest with cash and other prizes going to the winners. If you have never been to a GTR event before you’ll be glad to know that your entire day has been accounted for. Bus pickups will take you to and from the venue in Yang-Ju, Gyeonggi-Do. Your night will also be covered as a multitude of bars and clubs in Seoul will grant free entry with a GTR wristband.

GTR has called upon 6 DJ’s from all around Seoul to ensure the music never stops and make this party memorable. Travel, a food coupon, and a drink coupon are all inclusive with ticket purchase, while everything else from shots, cocktails, and more food are only 5,000 won each provided by Metropolis. Need more info? Check out the flyer below for more info and get your early bird tickets by visiting their Facebook event page.

GTR Wet and Wild Pool Party

Good Times ROK is a travel and leisure event company that caters to both the expat and Korean communities. They provide a simple way to explore many of the lesser known wonders of Korea with efficient scheduling and unbeatable prices. GTR takes all the hassle out of traveling so you can relax, meet new people and enjoy the view. They have organized Cherry blossom expeditions, coastal explorations, and mountain hikes, among many other weekend getaway trips. Travel, lodging, food and tour guides are always an inclusive fixture to any GTR event. Did we mention they know how to throw one hell of a party? Perhaps GTR’s most famous event is their Halloween Booze Cruise off the coast of Incheon. Follow that up with St. Patrick’s Day and the Busan Booze Cruise, beach parties, Mudfest, and the recently added pool parties and you are in for a good time all year round. The best part of ROK events is the effort they make to ensure that people from all over Korea are able to join in the festivities, not just the major cities. Check out the gallery below for some of the good times they have created.

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