Skiing and snowboarding in Korea can be a pain sometimes. Let Good Times ROK and Waegook Travel make it easier. Its time to hit the slopes again at High 1. It is Korea’s No. 1 Ski Resort and has the longest runs and plenty to do while not skiing! Early in the season you can get maximum skiing or boarding in without long queues or crowded slopes.1902750_10203346887261112_268030223_n

On November 29th, Good Times ROK will be taking a bus from the Northern areas and Waegook Travel will take a bus from the Southern & Central areas to meet up at High 1.

Lodging will be a spacious luxury condo right on the resort with access to all that High 1 has to offer including an outdoor hot tub, casino, and much more. We will have a full 2 day pass, and we can hit the slopes just after the ski shop opens. While some people prefer to hit the slopes until late at night many love to join us for awesome BBQ ribs, soju, and  free cocktails next to the bonfire outside this scenic rural restaurant.

Do not wait because our trip filled up quickly last year, so get your booking forms in and let’s hit the slopes!

NORTHERN DEPARTURES (Seoul / Yeongtong (Suwon):

Saturday morning:
4:15 AM: Nowon, Junggye Park.
5:15 AM: Noksapyeong Station Exit 2.
6:00 AM: Yeongtong station exit 1 (in front of Homeplus).

Arrive at High 1 around 10:00 AM.

Sunday departures back to Seoul & ETA:
15:30: Depart from High 1.
19:30: Yeongtong arrival time (depends on traffic).
20:30: Noksapyeong Station.
21:15: Nowon, Junggye Park.


Good Times ROK Booking Forms

Seoul & Yeongtong Payments:
Good Times ROK account ( 서영호 ) # Woori Bank 1002-450-401977 (Bank Deposits or Transfers).
Pay Pal or Credit Card Options:

Email: / Cell: 010 9459 8677

SOUTHERN & CENTRAL DEPARTURES: (Geoje / Busan / Ulsan / Daegu / Gumi / Other Cities).

Saturday morning:
02:30 AM: Geoje, Gohyeon Bus Terminal to Busan (Limousine Van / Return Bus Included).
4:00 AM: Busan, Paragon Hotel Sasang.
5:22 AM: Ulsan Station (KTX included to Daegu).
5:50 AM: Daegu, Dong Daegu Station.
6:40 AM: Gumi City Hall (Daejeon & Other Cities see more Info under Price below).

Arrive at High 1 around 09:40 AM.

Sunday Southern Departures & ETA:
15:30: Depart from High 1.
20:30: Dong Daegu Station Arrival.
20:45: Ulsan KTX departs from Dong Daegu and arrives 22 minutes later at Ulsan Station (KTX Included).
20:56: Gumi Train departs from Dong Daegu and arrives at Gumi Station 34 minutes later (Train to Gumi Included).
22:30: Busan Paragon Hotel Arrival.
22:40: Geoje Bus Departs from Sasang Bus Terminal. Arrives 23:50 at Gohyeon Bus Terminal (Bus to Gohyeon Included).


Waegook Travel Booking Forms

Waegook Travel Payment & All Credit Card & Pay Pal Payments:
Waegook Travel Account: Park Kyeong Sug (박경숙), # Nonghyup Bank 356-5293-3775-03.
Full Info and Pay Pal or Credit Card Options:

Email: / Cell: 010 5293 3775.



PACKAGE A: Weekend Ski & Snowboard Package:

INCLUDES: Luxury resort accommodation, return transport, a 2 days lift pass, gear, and insurance for 2 days. Enjoy FREE cocktails next to the bonfire outside this scenic rural restaurant.

EXCLUDES: Food. Jacket & Pants Set – KRW 15,000 for both for the entire weekend. The rentals come as a set and can’t be rented separately

* Meeting Us at High 1 (Excluding Transport) – KRW 159 000.
* Seoul / Yeongtong (Suwon) – KRW 189 000.
* Daegu – KRW 199 000.
* Gumi – KRW 199 000 (Gumi includes train back from Dong Daegu).
* Busan: KRW 209 000.
* Ulsan: KRW 219 000 (Including Daegu KTX Return).
* Geoje: KRW 234 000 (Including Limousine Van or Taxi to Busan and Bus back from Busan to Gohyeon).
* Daejeon and Other Cities: We will arrange decent motel accommodation on Friday night. It’s within walking distance from Gumi City Hall, and it will only cost KRW 15 000 PP for 3 people sharing. It’s also very near downtown, so join the fun at Corona Bar on Friday night. You can also meet us there.

PACKAGE B: Basic Bus & Accommodation Package.

Perfect for Season Pass Holders, people with their own equipment, or people just going along for a great time.

PRICE: * All Departures – KRW 99 000.

INCLUDES: Return Bus from any of our departure points and Luxury Resort Accommodation on Saturday. Enjoy FREE cocktails next to the bonfire outside this scenic rural restaurant.

EXCLUDES: All Ski and Snowboard passes, gear, clothing, and food.

BONUS: Group Bookings of 7 to 10 People. Get your own condominium. Each condominium has a big living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a nice balcony with a view over the slopes.


For FULL EVENT INFO visit: Waegook Travel

Photos via: Good Times ROK Facebook

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