The International Student Association of Korea (ISAK) held it’s 2015 job fair Friday May 22nd in the Hanyang Institute of Technology building at Hanyang University.ISAK Job Fair - 0639

The event saw students of many different ages as well cultures come together with over 17 different nationalities represented amongst the event’s almost 350 attendees. Attendees came to look for professional job prospects as well as opportunities to continue their professional development in South Korea.ISAK Job Fair - 0645

The fair also had a great turnout from both companies and students with companies such as Hyundai Mobis, Intralink Korea, Unitron, as well as Hankook occupying booths for students to come interview and discuss both full-time positions as well as internship opportunities. Over 17 different nationalities were represented amongst the event’s almost 350 attendees. Companies were interviewing applicants for both full-time job positions as well as internships at their companies.

The event also had two guest speaker sessions, the first from former Incheon immigration head Jang Jeepyo as well as the head of the career center at Hanyang University Kim Sungsoo.ISAK Job Fair - 7916

Jang, who was the head of Incheon immigration for 35 years, discussed how international students can remain in the country to find job opportunities after graduating or in the midst of graduating.

Jang reiterated traditional Korean educational values to attendees as he explained that most importantly Korea wants students to focus on studying now and finding employment later.ISAK Job Fair - 7946

He also discussed part-time job regulations and policies for students as well as spoke about newly introduced government policies that were designed specifically to improve the lives of foreign students in Korea. Among such policies were mention of:

-A new policy that allows foreign students in Korea to start a business with only a 1 billion one backing (instead of the usual 3 billion won backing)

-Support from the Korean justice department for undergraduates from Korea to start an international trade business.

-Masters or PHD students can invite their parents to stay with them

-Students that marry in Korea can invite their parents to stay with them as well


If you’re an international student in Korea, we recommend joining ISAK to not only enjoy great free events put on by the association but also to gain valuable networking and employment opportunities during your time in South Korea.