The KU International Student’s Festival is an annual event that is usually held in November at the Korea University campus. Similar events are enjoyed by students in different schools as well, but despite some differences they all have the same goal: to promote international students’ cultures and bring together locals and foreigners for a good time.

As the name suggests, the International Students’ Festival celebrates the diversity of the student body on campus. This year, students from 30 different countries including Canada, Philippines, Sweden and New Zealand to mention a few will promote their languages, foods and traditions. For one day, everyone has the chance to peek into other cultures, sample foods, converse about other students’ home countries, and play games at various booths. At the event, students also hold a fashion show to display their unique outfits on stage.

Students dress up in traditional costumes.

Students dressed up in traditional outfits.


The square is filled with colourful booths.

As students manage the booths and are responsible for the planning and execution of which aspects of their home country and culture to display, the event is ever changing and always different from the previous years. It is also a test of creativity and imagination, as many foods and costumes are hard to come by in Korea. Help comes from local embassies as well as the Korea University Buddy Assistants, the local student tutors; local volunteering students who help out at their dedicated booth; and from friends and family. Some students who return to Korea after their exchange year even make sure to bring flags and outfits with them to borrow for the event!

The event is open for everyone – not just students at Korea university – so anyone who is interested can come enjoy the festival. During previous years’ events some 500 people, both young and old, foreign and local attended the event. Even better, the festival is completely free. This November, the International Students’ Festival is held on Thursday the 6th. The main event opens at 10AM, and lasts until 4PM. The one-hour fashion show begins at midday. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to enjoy a good atmosphere, try some new flavours, and perhaps find your dream holiday destination!

Posters at booths describe aspects of each country.

Posters at booths describe different aspects of each country.


Students get to promote their native cultures in creative and fun ways.


To get there: Take line 6 to Anam station, and get out through exit 2. Walk straight until you come to an open gate marked by two granite posts on each side, about 600 metres. Walk down the hill for the People’s Square.




Photos by Korea University Buddy Association.

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