UPDATE: Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the registration and ending location of the event has been changed. We will NOT be meeting at Scrooge Pub. Instead we will be registering in front of the Seoul Global Center (Jonggak Station, Exit 6) and ending with the after-party at Mike’s Cabin (Hongdae, Exit 8/9). Food will still be provided at Mike’s Cabin.

Do you know what’s new at SeoulSync? SeoulSync has assembled a group of talented people to their Events Planning Team. The SeoulSync Events Team consists of diverse members from around the globe from the United States to Europe to Asia. The purpose of the SeoulSync Events Team is to cultivate a community for foreigners living in Seoul through events that showcase the culture and tradition of Korea. You can count on the event planning team to provide fun and creative events for those residing in Seoul.

So are you interested in exploring the alluring scenery of Seoul or the culture of Korea? Well… you’re in luck! The SeoulSync Events Team will be launching their first official event next weekend. Keep scrolling down for information on SeoulSync’s first event, which will be a Photo Scavenger Hunt around Seoul! Participants will try their best to complete as much missions to win one of the awesome prizes that the SeoulSync Events Team has in store. This event will be held on Saturday, November 15.



1st Place: Nanta Show Tickets
2nd Place: Lotte World Tickets
3rd Place: Movie Tickets
Best Photos: ₩200,000 Uber Credit (Taxi Service)

How To Register:

1. To register, send an email to seoulsyncevents@gmail.com including your name, e-mail, and phone number. If you are signing up as a group, make sure you have everyone’s’ information. Those who registered as a group will receive priority registration on the day of.
2. The payment of ₩20,000 per person will be done through a bank transfer, which is the most common payment method in Korea. Once you send us the email, we will send you an confirmation email about the bank transfer information. If there are problems with the bank transfer, we will offer alternative methods for payment.
3. Click attend on our Facebook event page!
Site: https://www.facebook.com/events/598822090244847/600906483369741/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity
4. Don’t forget to add SeoulSync Events as friends and like SeoulSync Page on Facebook in order to complete the registration!

Groups will be limited to 4 people, so participants must sign up in advance!


  1. 먼저 seoulsyncevents@gmail.com로 이름, 이메일주소, 전화번호를 보냅니다. 여러명이서 단체로 접수하는 경우 참가자 모두의 정보를 기입해주세요. 단체 접수는 당일날 접수 순서 우선순위에 들게됩니다.
  2. 참가비 2만원은 한국에서 가장흔한 방법이기도 한 은행 송금으로 지불합니다. 접수이메일의 답장으로 은행 계좌 정보를 알려드릴 예정입니다. 송금이 불가능하거나 어려우신 분들에겐 다른 지불방법을 알려드립니다.
  3.  SeoulSync의 페이스 이벤트 페이지에서 참석해주세요!                                                                                                                             사 이트: https://www.facebook.com/events/598822090244847/600906483369741/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity
  4. 페이스북에서 SeoulSync Events를 친구추가하고 SeoulSync 페이지 좋아요 누르는거 잊지마세요! 접수의 일부입니다.

4명으로 이루어진 그룹이 참가 예정이고 접수는 선착순이니 서돌러세요!


CSR-daeguCommunity Chest of Korea:

The mission of the Community Chest is to promote community development through philanthropic giving. Through this the Community Chest hopes to establish a culture of sharing and create positive changes in the community.The proceeds will be made specifically towards helping elders who were abandoned by their loved ones. Through the donations, warm clothing and heating coals will be given to the elders to help them through winter.

To learn more, visit their website at: http://eng.chest.or.kr/index.jsp


We hope that SeoulSync readers who currently reside in Seoul, Korea will participate and support SeoulSync Events Team’s very first event. We hope to see you all there! ☺

Also a special thanks to our sponsors  Mike’s Cabin (Hongdae), Uber, Helping Angels, JT Kickboxing, and Samarkand!


Photos to SeoulSync Events Team, SeoulSync and Community Chest of Korea


Starting Location: Seoul Global Center

Take the Dark Blue (Line 1) Subway to Jonggak Station and get out of Exit 6. Walk straight from Exit 6 and you will see the Seoul Global Center building.



Ending Location: To Mike’s Cabin

Go out of exit 9, go straight about 100m, and turn LEFT (toward Hongik Univ. Main Gate) at the corner of TGI (1st intersection). Go straight another 100m until you see KB Bank on your left. There is a crosswalk just in front of the bank: Cross the street and walk into the shopping street on your right (The one with the parking lot in the middle and many small clothing stores). Go straight about 80m, turn left and go into the alley between Watsons and Coffee Bean. After Hello Kitty, Mike’s Cabin(B1F) will be on your left, the same building as Yong9 Beer(1F) and Tasty N’Grill(2F).

홍대입구역 9번 출구로 나오셔서 100m 정도 직진하세요. 첫번째 사거리에 TGI를 끼고 홍대 정문 방향으로 좌회전하세요. 100m 정도 직진하시면 왼편에 국민은행이 보입니다. 바로 앞 횡단보도를 건너신 후 오른편에 있는 골목(주차장 골목)으로 들어오세요. 80m 정도 직진하시면 왼편에 Watsons와 Coffee Bean 사이에 골목으로 들어가세요. Hello Kitty 지나면 Mike’s Cabin(B1F)이 왼편에 있습니다. Yong9 Beer(1F), Tasty N’Grill(2F)이랑 같은 건물이에요.


(Directions courtesy of FriendsinKorea: http://www.meetup.com/The-Seoul-French-Party/events/183708432/)



About The Author

Grace Bae

Grace was born and raised in sunny Southern California all her life. It is her passion for Korean culture that led her to study abroad in South Korea. She hopes to become an event planner and/or writer in the entertainment industry in Korea when she graduates from college.