We at Seoulsync love bringing you the best that Korea has to offer. We look to bring an insiders perspective on Korean life and culture. That’s why we are glad to announce we will be holding weekly meetups, Sync with Seoul, for anyone looking to explore the city. We want this to be as laid back as possible which is why you will be given freedom and time to explore each location. We will do nothing more than show you interesting places and provide the opportunity to try some amazing food! This is a great way to learn about Korea and network with more people looking to do the same.


Bindaeddeok is a Korean pancake made of ground mung bean and other vegetables.

Our team will be holding their first meetup this Saturday led by both English and Korean speaking guides. We will be heading to Gwangjang Market on March 14th at 6:00PM. Head over to our Meetup page and let us know how many people will be attending so we can keep a headcount and try and try the famous Bindaeddeok restaurant “순이네 빈대떡.” Bindaeddeok is a Korean pancake made of ground mung beans and other vegetables. Gwangjang Market is quite popular for the dish and it is a must try when visiting. There are tons of other food options to try out including blood sausages (순대) and a variety of other Jeon(전).

Again head over to our Meetup.com page and sign up to come explore Gwangjang Market and try their amazing bindaeddeok! We look forward to meeting you as well as getting to know the city of Seoul just a little better.

Photo Cred: Republic of Korea

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A California native with a passion for travel, JT has been living in Korea for the past two years. A health fanatic and a seeker of knowledge, JT co-founded SeoulSync because of a desire to create something larger than he could ever become alone.