When it comes to sweets, one issue Korea has is that it’s difficult to find something that tastes as good as the stuff back home. Seriously, how hard is it to get a decent cookie around here!? “But Dan, there’s Ben Cookies! Those are awesome!” Yes, those are absolutely delicious. But, the problem is that these places are just too expensive and they might not be located near you. This article shows you how easy making chocolate chip cookies at home can be. The recipe is cheap, simple, and can be done in about half an hour!

The ingredients list is as follows (all these things can be found in most major supermarkets):

*makes around 30 cookies


3 cups all-purpose flour (중력분 밀가루)

1 1/2 tsp baking soda (중탄산나트륨)

Pinch of salt (소금)

1 1/4 cups chocolate chips (초코칩)


3/4 cup dark brown sugar (흑설탕)

3/4 cup white sugar (하얀설탕)

2 eggs (계란)

1/2 cup unsalted butter (무염버터) (1/4 of that big block you just bought)


1. Mix all the dry ingredients together and set aside

2. Mix both sugars together thoroughly

3. Let the butter get to room temperature and mix it well with the sugars till it resembles a paste (if pressed for time, melt the butter half-way)

4. Add the eggs and mix well

5. Pour the wet ingredients to the dry and mix well (just get your hands in there and combine together until it forms a dough)

6. Preheat your oven to 175 degrees Celsius (350 F)

7. With the dough, make little golf balls and place them on a non-stick surface (non stick tray, tray wrapped in foil, etc.)

8. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes

See? Making chocolate chip cookies never seemed so easy. Now, you have cookies for days. This is a really forgiving recipe so don’t freak out about being exact.  If you don’t have a measuring cup, just use a cup that’s about the size of a small coffee mug. Also, the beauty of cooking is that you can make it as you see fit, so don’t be afraid to stray a little off the recipe if you want.

Side note:
If you plan on staying here a while, consider buying an oven. Really. Even if you’re not going to bake a single thing while you are here, having an oven will do wonders in terms of cooking. To be honest, the small basic models will do a good job. They run around 50-100k, so those are a bargain. Plus, when you’re ready to go back home, these are easy to resell. A lot of you probably spent that much on alcohol last weekend, so no excuses. Bangsan Market (방산시장) is THE place to go for all your baking needs, especially if you want more selection or bulk quantities.

Euljiro 4-ga Station Exit 4. Walk straight for a bit and take a right once you reach the Cheongyecheon stream. The entrance to Bangsan market will be your second right.

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