If you haven’t been introduced to BLANC & ECLARE, Jessica Jung’s new high-end fashion line, please let us be the one to break the ice! Former SNSD member, Jessica Jung, has launched a hot new fashion line called BLANC & ECLARE. The aesthetic of the brand is timeless, minimal, and sophisticated (“less is more”). Beginning with her eyewear collection, which Jessica modeled for the launch of her brand, the designer plans on adding ready-to-wear, accessories, and fragrances to her line. Currently, the official website has posted that her ready-to-wear line will be coming Fall/Winter 2015, her accessories line will be arriving Spring/Summer 2015, and her fragrance line will be ready for purchase in Fall/Winter 2014. BLANC & ECLARE is only available in stores in Asia, such as Lane Crawford. Fortunately, for those who do not reside in Asia, items are available for purchase online at the official website and at the official Lane Crawford website.



Jessica for BLANC & ECLARE


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The logo of the brand is a division sign. According to BLANC & ECLARE, the division sign “bridges the divide between the clean enduring classic and the fashion forward.” We see this in her eyewear collection, as the designs are not over-the-top, are very wearable, and make a clear fashion statement.


The logo, a division sign, is located at the outside of every temple on the eyewear.


Are you interested in making a purchase? Each piece of the eyewear collection (total 6) is $250 USD and is creatively named after a city that the aesthetic of the eyewear resembles. For BLANC & ECLARE’s take on each piece, please visit the official website linked at the very top or at the very bottom of this post.














As information on the brand is only just emerging, Jessica Jung’s recent interview with Apple Daily brings us some insight into how her brand may transform going forward.

Reporter: The brand BLANC & ECLARE has been established for two months; what are you hoping for?
Jessica: I’d like to take it one step at a time, slowly developing my career. I want to do something similar to other people sharing their wardrobes; right now it’s sunglasses, and later there will be other products. I hope every woman will use the things I’ve designed.

Reporter: You have expanded overseas, including to South Korea, China, Singapore, etc. Is there a place you would most like to expand your business to?
Jessica: Right now, I want to expand in Asia the most, but before long, I would like to expand to the United States; I would like to bring my brand to New York and my favorite department store, Barneys.

Reporter: How does it feel after becoming a designer? Which designers do you most want to work with? Where do you get your inspiration from?
Jessica: I feel really great and really excited; since I was little, my dream was to become designer. I really respect designers, and would like to collaborate with every single one of them. I often travel and observe what people are wearing. And my biggest inspiration is my mom; from my younger days until now, she still picks and combines my outfits. She is my design icon.

Reporter: Now that you are focusing on your career, do you have any expectations toward relationships?
Jessica: I think getting married is a very important part of life; I would like to get married while continuing to work, but these two things have to be balanced.

Reporter: What is your ideal type? Your ideal age for marriage?
Jessica: (smiles sweetly) I’d like someone who can make me laugh, someone smart and gentle, and most importantly, someone I can trust, because trust is the foundation of a relationship. My ideal age for marriage is 30 years old.

Reporter: Do you often share your problems with your little sister Krystal (member of girl group f(x))? And do you talk with her about your designs?
Jessica: We talk about a lot of things, and we often send funny photos to each other, and eat together, because we are food sisters. I will ask her for design advice. We’re five and a half years apart; she’s still young, so I’ll ask her about young people’s viewpoints. We’ll always be sisters, so there are a lot of things we understand about each other.

Reporter: What are your future goals for the entertainment industry?
Jessica: I can’t disclose a lot of things, but I would like to continue singing and acting, and having more opportunities to meet with fans. I also have an interest in honing my skills in filming for movies and dramas.

Reporter: Now that you’re facing a different job by yourself, what is the biggest challenge? Do you feel really pressured?
Jessica: I debuted as a very shy person, not understanding how to do an interview, but now I have to face the media one-on-one. I’m not very used to this, and before, when I didn’t speak, people would think I wasn’t happy; now I have to overcome this difficulty, and it is a challenge as well.

(Source: Apple Daily)



We think that the brand image is very strong, especially with Jessica Jung as the face of BLANC & ECLARE. The company is off to a great start! What do you think? Please let us know below!


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