South Korea has been growing as one of the major fashion hubs in Asia, and the country is home to several clothing brands, from the designer to fast-fashion. One of the most widely-recognized young women’s labels in Korea today is StyleNanda, launched in 2004. The name StyleNanda translates to “I am style”, and this Korean brand reflects this self-assured statement by featuring fashion-forward women’s clothing, accessories, and shoes. It began as an internet store, but has since expanded to various Asian department stores, a brick-and-mortar flagship store in Hongdae, and a recent pop-up store in Japan.

korean brand spotlight: stylenanda

Having grown into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, Stylenanda carries everything from chic and eccentric clothing to home décor. If you want to know what styles are popular with college girls and young women in Korea, take a look at Stylenanda’s wares. Its clothes are a unique spin of the latest trends, and currently the brand heavily features oversize garments, graphic prints, high waists, and models wearing K-style makeup looks. The label is mid-priced and of decent quality; most Stylenanda pieces will last longer than your average Forever21 or street-vendor garment.

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Stylenanda also carries a subsidiary clothing line called KKXX, which aims for what can be described as an edgy sports-luxe look. KKXX, which stands for the interesting name of “Kindly Kitsch and XoXo”, consists of fun pieces that are exclusively black and white, often with bold graphics and mesh inserts. The line features athletic wear and has recently grown to include menswear as well.

Be aware that many of Stylenanda’s clothes are considered one size fits all, which realistically is not the case.  However, the three-story mega-store in Hongdae offers much more than just clothes—there’s likely something for everyone. The store retails shoes and accessories from well-known external brands as well, including Jeffrey Campbell, Havianas, ADEEN, and Karl Alley. The flagship store has unique decorations and a free photo booth—it’s worth a trip for those interested in young women’s fashion and makeup. Watch Stylenanda’s feature video of its flagship store here.

korean brand stylenanda hongdae store

The Stylenanda flagship store

Park Sora, the face of Stylenanda

3 Concept Eyes
Stylenanda is also famous for its hugely popular, in-house cosmetic label by the name of 3 Concept Eyes, or 3CE. Korean makeup brands have been growing in popularity worldwide, and 3CE is no exception. Its attractively packaged products are highly sought-after and have found their way into international markets, having been carried by Urban Outfitters and Singapore’s Sephora. 3CE includes a diverse range of bold beauty products, from colorful nail polishes to vivid lipsticks to cream blush. 3CE emphasizes that it’s not just about long-lasting skin care products and bold colors—it’s also about the confident girl wearing the makeup. Its advertisements feature models wearing perfect K-style beauty looks: dewy skin, colorful lips, subtle blush, and bright eyes. Although some products are deemed as a “miss” by reviewers, this brand is generally known for its quality goods. You can find 3CE products online, in the Hongdae flagship store, at the 3CE counter in Myeongdong Lotte Young Plaza, or at the theater-themed 3CE store on Garosu-gil.

Stylenanda has had many celebrity sponsorships and magazine features over the years, resulting in a greater brand recognition and popularity in Korea and parts of Asia. There’s also an abundance of Stylenanda reviews online, including this one by the prominent fashion blogger, Jenn Im.

Stylenanda and 3CE maintain a strong social media presence—check out their various pages below:
Stylenanda: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr
3 Concept Eyes: Instagram, Facebook





Which notable Korean brands, be it fashion, accessories, and makeup, are under your radar?

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