Welcome back to more Korean fashion! Since our previous picks are a little more dressy, this week, we feature Seoulites who represent more of the day-to-day wear in Korean fashion. The picks below are based on comfortable clothing rather than trends. Korean fashion is trendy, but not everyone in Seoul wears trendy items; in fact, many Seoulites favor more basic pieces. Attire is important depending on the occasion; it is important to dress appropriately for formal occasions. At other times, it is okay to dress more casual and comfortable. Below each photo in this week’s collection is a word of our guess on the occasion for which the Seoulite is dressed for. As you read on, take some time to evaluate how you dress for various occasions (even those lazy Sunday plans)!

Here are SeoulSync’s fashion picks of the week:


Our guess: She is dressed for work.


Our guess: She is dressed for a casual stroll around town.


Our guess: She is dressed for a short vacation or a concert.


Our guess: He is dressed for work (if his office’s work attire is more casual) or for lunch/dinner with friends.


Our guess: She is dressed for a shopping outing with her friends – or for a really casual date.


Our guess: He is dressed for a very casual and relaxed event.


Our guess: They are a little more trendy than our other picks this week, but these two Seoulites are probably meeting their friends or have made plans to go shopping.


Our guess: These two Seoulites are having fun enjoying the nice weather outside.


Our guess: She is dressed for work and long rides on the subway/bus.


Our guess: He is a university student.


What kind of outfits do you wear on a daily basis depending on your activities for the day? Let us know below!


Photographs are provided courtesy of SOL-SOL Seoul Street Fashion. You can also visit their Tumblr!

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Victoria fell in love with South Korea after studying abroad at Yonsei University. Victoria loves fashion, art, culture, travel, learning foreign languages, and puppies. Currently, she is a designer and product developer in the fashion industry who thrives on originality.