This week, bags are the focal point of our Korean fashion picks. Many will agree with that much is splurged on an expensive bag as the item is a little more timeless than apparel. However, others will also agree that any kind of bag is just fine as long as it serves its functional purpose of keeping things together while walking around. Bags in Seoul range from the fashion-forward to the timeless and to the basic-functional. What kind of bags are popular this winter? In different shapes and sizes, let’s take a look at the bags trending for both the ladies and gentlemen in Seoul.

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean fashion picks of the week:


Hands up because this little fanny-pack-styled number does not require any hands to carry it at all.


A timeless name brand bag can be tough on that paycheck, but it can be used for multiple seasons while still giving you a fashion-forward look.


Cool backpacks are popular in Seoul and can definitely carry more than a Chanel flap bag.


If you like faux fur (or maybe even real fur), this bag is for you.


Also — please note — you don’t need to be a student in order to have a love for backpacks in Seoul.


A furry clutch makes your winter outfit look super cozy.


Gentlemen in Seoul seem to like bags with large, functional pockets.


Other gentlemen in Seoul, on the other hand, like their clean, hobo bags.


And a few gentlemen also like their satchel-styled bags such as this one.


This Seoulite seems to like a large bag that can carry more of her items.


The American Apparel tote bag is also popular in Seoul!


A little more classic, this croc-skinned clutch is an easy default bag when you’re really on-the-go.


A little more stylish, this clutch is a more fashion-forward option for the gentlemen.


This is our ultimate bag pick of the week. Instead of keeping your items inside the bag, would you display them outside?


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Photographs are provided courtesy of our partner, ALEX FINCH. Visit his tumblr here.