We continue this week with features on fashion details at Seoul Fashion Week 2014! There were many outfits at Seoul Fashion Week that were very well put together. Our picks this week were our favorites of the bunch!

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean fashion picks of the week:



The print on the top is so special, especially juxtaposed with the contrast of the optic white color.


It’s never too cold for daisies.


Not only do the grey sunnies catch our eye, the layering here is just amazing.


This is one of the coolest pocket and sleeve detail that we’ve seen.


Check out the curves of this hemline.


Here, we see interesting sleeve detailing and loud, oversized lapels.


Kids have fun with details too. Look at the shape of the beanie!


It looks like reverse layering is a thing this season. Can we get your undivided attention at the skirts?


If you can’t spot this one, let us help: fringe and raw hems.


This is a new neckline with contrast color blocking.


These origami-like pants get an extra pattern and/or more fabric. Check out that dye job too.


We are drooling on this clean dip-dye effect.


Which detail was your favorite? We’d love to hear from you in a comment below!


Photographs are provided courtesy of our partner, ALEX FINCH. Visit his tumblr here.

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Victoria fell in love with South Korea after studying abroad at Yonsei University. Victoria loves fashion, art, culture, travel, learning foreign languages, and puppies. Currently, she is a designer and product developer in the fashion industry who thrives on originality.