Hooray for sweater and sweatshirt time! This season is more inviting of breeze, wind, and even the chills, but Seoulites have it all figured out with their trusty layers of insulating comfort! How are Seoulites taking on the fall season? We’ve got it all below!

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean Fashion picks of the week:


Oversized turtlenecks are definitely helpful to keep lips away from the wind and, of course, protect the neck!


It’s about time that colorful sweaters made their way on the streets of Seoul!


The gentlemen of Seoul know how to impress the ladies with their sweater fashion. 😉


Watch Seoulites pull out their graphic sweatshirts as graphic tees take the backseat this fall season.


It’s light sweater layering time, and Seoulites like it under overalls.


It’s pretty easy to look cool with a graphic sweater over almost anything.


This Seoulite adds pattern and fun to her overall look with a cute sweater!


Colors are getting richer, a little more burnt, and in tune with the season’s changing colors.


This simple sweater goes on clean.


We see it again here; Seoulites have already begun to layer under shirts! It’s layering in the reverse order, but it works!


Fancy sweater weather? Head on over to Seoul because sweaters and sweatshirts are sticking around for a long time!


Photographs are provided courtesy of ALEX FINCH. Visit Alex Finch here.

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