Snow just landed in Seoul not too long ago, and while bulkier jackets and coats may take the spotlight this winter, tailored coats and blazers should not be left behind. While the blazer may be a little too lightweight for the cold season, Seoulites love to layer them under overcoats so that they have the option to remove or add layers indoors as needed. Below are photos of outfits that Seoulites may hide under their heavier overcoats. In addition, the blazer is a staple to any wardrobe; it is always ready to dress up any kind of outfit. Even through the cold, Seoulites are sure to wear their blazers and tailored coats.

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean fashion picks of the week:



The grey blazer is professional for those who can pull it off. [Courtesy of SOL-SOL]


You can never go wrong with a black blazer. We love the unique lapels on this number. [Courtesy of SOL-SOL]


For a more feminine touch, a softer-colored blazer will do the trick. [Courtesy of SOL-SOL]


This one looks like a double-breasted tailored jacket, and we think that it is a jacket that works well under an overcoat. [Courtesy of SOL-SOL]


These tailored jackets look amazing on these two Seoulites. [Courtesy of SOL-SOL]


We like this brighter shade of blue on this blazer. [Courtesy of ALEX FINCH]


Blazers work for a more casual look too (that is, of course, just a teeny bit more dressy). [Courtesy of ALEX FINCH]


It seems that couples in Seoul coordinate their matching outfits based on blazers too! (If you didn’t know yet, couple outfits are a huge thing in Seoul.) [Courtesy of ALEX FINCH]


Clara, a famous model in Seoul, sports the blazer as well! [Courtesy of ALEX FINCH]


We hope you enjoyed this post! Our weekly goal is to share with you a little piece of Seoul’s fashion scene. Please let us know in the comments below if you would like us to cover anything specific!

Photographs are provided courtesy of SOL-SOL Seoul Street Fashion. You can also visit their Tumblr.
Photographs are provided courtesy of our partner, ALEX FINCH. Visit his tumblr here.