After wrapping up a successful Seoul Fashion Week last month with top South Korean designers such as ENZUVAN and duo Steve J & Yoni P, South Koreans continue to showcase their fashionable style to their growing global audience. From the traditional hanbok to original streetwear, along with the influence of KPop stars and western culture, Korean fashion (in particular Seoul) is colorful, fun, and bold. Key trends for this spring/summer season include collars, 3D surfaces, florals, fringe, metallic/high shine, pop art, and sporty looks. As the weather becomes warmer, brighter colors and lighter layers come out to play.

Here are SeoulSync’s most fashionable picks of the week:

solsol Korean Fashion in Korea Houndstooth

Taking Houndstooth to a whole new level, this look is on fire – even a little sporty with an accented drop waist and ultra-cool shades.

solsol2 Korean Fashion with sweet pastels, abstract

In sweet pastels and a super edgy abstract print, this look is subtly sexy and refreshing with a touch of class

solsol4 Male Korean Fashion

We can never be too bored of black! Especially with a leather jacket, sometimes an ensemble of different textures is all you need for a well-thought out, monochrome look.

solsol4 Korean fashion at work

A look that is more structured and appropriate for the office, exaggerated cuffs and bold pops of an accent color energize this basic coat.

solsol5 Leather Pants Korean Fashion with Denim

Who says denim can’t be worn to the office? This fabric-blocked blue denim blazer showcases a layered collar and three-quarter length sleeves that no one – I’m sure – can miss.

solsol6 4-5-2014

Perhaps influenced by 2NE1, this look is obsessed with eye-catching prints and takes center stage. So futuristic-glam, don’t you think?

solsol7 4-4-2014

Alongside fabric-blocking and color-blocking this season, print-blocking takes the lead in this ensemble of soft geo-colors that are classy, earthy, and comforting

solsol8 3-27-2014

Our eyes gravitate towards these sun-rayed pair of shades! While the rest of the ensemble is simple, bold accessories revitalize the look.

solsol9 4-4-2014

High-waisted pants are better paired with a crop top! Casual-luxe meets comfort in this easy, boyish look.

solsol10 Korean fashion for kids

Children in South Korea also have fun with fashion! As outdoor wear becomes more popular in South Korea, why not mix it up and wear a basic jacket atop a pair of paisley-printed harem pants for a fashionable, sporty look?


Cover photo: samsungtomorrow

Photographs are provided courtesy of SOL-SOL Seoul Street Fashion. Visit their tumblr here.

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