American culture seems to be emanating from Korean fashion. Common America street slang, patriotic colors, and cities are made into graphics for t-shirts, sweatpants, and other more “casual” garments. In the photos below, which elements remind you of the United States of America? In each of the captions below, we will mention the element(s) that relates to the States.

Here are SeoulSync’s fashion picks of the week:


This is pretty obvious. “USA” is spelled out on the top. “SUP” is also American slang.


Disney fans, you already know.


“Beverly Hills – That’s where I want to be!” – Weezer


Coca Cola is everywhere.


New York City versus… Los Angeles?


Los Angeles/Beverly Hills and the iconic palm tree.


Representing Cupertino in Northern California, Seoulites are into those Apple products too.


Is this a spin on the professional ice hockey team, LA Kings?


Are we in the American 1950’s… 60’s…? Somehow, we are reminded of Marilyn Monroe.


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Photographs are provided courtesy of our partner, ALEX FINCH. Visit his tumblr here.