Denim is a fabric that is loved by many and can be used for many different types of silhouettes. For the casual side of Seoulite fashion, denim is – no doubt – a very common fabric that floats on the streets! Most commonly seen for the gentlemen are denim jackets and denim jeans; for the ladies, we see additional denim dresses and denim skirts! What’s up with denim these days in Seoul? Let us lay it out!

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean fashion picks of the week:


A denim dress is perfect for a day stroll out in the town.


Seoulites are sporting the denim-on-denim look.


Denim jeans with knee cutouts seem to be the Seoulite trend lately.


A denim jacket is easy to throw on!


Denim skirts are pretty cute, too.


If you like rolling up the cuffs on your jeans, you will be happy to know that Seoulites like doing that too.


Cutouts aren’t just for the ladies in Seoul, fellas.


A grungier and more casual look is always almost completed with denim destroy details.


And if you like your denim even more destroyed? (Look at those rolled cuffs, too).


Can’t forget denim shorts! Durable and cute at the same time. Love this darker denim wash!


We’re pretty sure that you’ll never go wrong when wearing denim in any form on the streets in Seoul!

Are you ready to put on your denim jacket and walk down Garosugil? Hurry, let’s head to Sinsa-dong!


Photographs are provided courtesy of ALEX FINCH. Visit Alex Finch here.

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