It is undeniable that one can’t go without a coat during Seoul’s cold, romantic fall and winter seasons. Seoulites wear coats of different shapes, colors, and sizes. This week’s picks don’t quite represent winter coats accurately as South Korea is currently transitioning from fall to winter; however, many of these coats can be translated to the winter months – just with more layers underneath. Without any further ado, please see below for our favorite coats/outerwear this week.

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean fashion picks of the week:



Wool will definitely keep you warm this season!


An update on a classic coat, the print on this style makes a bold statement.


Outerwear doesn’t always have to be tailored. We like this sporty outerwear look!


Fur-lined hoodies will be making their mark this season.


The classic peacoat is never a miss.


We like the texture on this coat.


We think this jacket provides a more junior look and is perhaps popular with high school students.


Besides the moto jacket, which is a classic jacket that always returns each fall/winter season, the long parka is returning as Seoul transitions into winter.


Plaid and various checks are classic patterns that may be popular allover Seoul this fall/winter.


For those who love fur coats, Seoul says yes! It’s time to pull those out!


Little kids in Seoul know how to rock outerwear!


We hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired by Korean fashion! Please let us know your thoughts below. We always like to know!

Photographs are provided courtesy of our partner, ALEX FINCH. Visit his tumblr here.

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