Last week, we presented our picks of Korean ladies wearing basic tees/t-shirts. This week, we shift our focus to the basic t-shirts/tanks that Korean gentlemen are wearing. While basic tees/t-shirts are considered to be garments that are meant to be used to dress an outfit down, our Seoulites for this week demonstrate otherwise. Casual, cool, and comfortable, these basic tees and tanks are also popular on the streets in the menswear category.

Here are SeoulSync’s basic tee/tank picks of the week — featuring the gentlemen:


Prominently roaming the streets, typography t-shirts are in just about every corner.


Black and white t-shirts are the most common among gentlemen. Here, this Seoulite sports a basic black t-shirt among his edgy ensemble.


T-shirts in more colorful colors are also emerging. We think that it is because of the brighter, warmer weather.


This Seoulite wears a slouchy tee that is probably fabricated in rayon, viscose, polyester, or a blend of more than one of those fibers (rather than the more common 100% cotton tee).


Sportswear is super popular in Seoul. Nike, Adidas, and The NorthFace are popular brands in Korean fashion.


These Seoulites chose to wear their basic t-shirt on the day Alex Finch shot this photo.


You’ve seen enough t-shirts. The boy tank is also a comfortable alternative.


This Seoulite keeps it simple. Sometimes simple is refreshing.

This post wraps up our short basic tee/t-shirt/tank series! Check back next week for more exciting fashion from Seoul!

Photographs are provided courtesy of our partner, ALEX FINCH.

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