In Seoul, couples enjoy wearing matching garments to proudly show everyone else that they are an item. In Korean fashion, things such as couple t-shirts and couple cellphone cases exist. These items don’t have to match exactly; the items just have to be related in some way. This week, we have curated photos of pairs (we say pairs because we are not sure if the pair in the photo is actually a couple or not) whose outfits complement each other. Let’s take a look!

Here are SeoulSync’s fashion picks of the week:


This pair wears clothing that is grungy and casual.


This pair is into the sporty look.


This pair is wearing complementing shirts.


This pair is wearing comfortable clothing in blacks, whites, and taupes.


They are ready for a vacation. J-Crew meets Tommy Bahama.


Black, sporty/urban chic.


This pair is wearing matching sweaters.


Both outfits are unique.


Perhaps a mother with her son? They are wearing matching moto jackets!


We hope you liked this post! Photographs are provided courtesy of SOL-SOL Seoul Street Fashion. Visit their tumblr here.

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Victoria Lin

Victoria fell in love with South Korea after studying abroad at Yonsei University. Victoria loves fashion, art, culture, travel, learning foreign languages, and puppies. Currently, she is a designer and product developer in the fashion industry who thrives on originality.