Seoul Fashion Week was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from March 20th to March 25th, right during the beginning of Spring. What did fashionistas wear to the event? How is the fashion different than your home or favorite fashion week (besides Seoul, of course)? Look no further and check out what our featured photographer caught at DDP below!

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean fashion picks of the week:


This Seoulite wears a pretty color for Spring!


There is no more need for an overcoat over denim (for those of you who have seen our previous posts on winter layering).


Breezy bottoms are making their entrance.


Cool sunnies are also now appearing.


Miniskirts and sheer clothing are being braver than before.


Cropped tops and midriff won’t be shying away!


That’s not it for Seoul Fashion Week! We will resume with more fashion in this new springtime weather next time!


Photographs are provided courtesy of ALEX FINCH. Visit Alex Finch here.