Showstoppers stomp allover Seoul, especially with the appearance of Seoul Fashion Week. This week, we feature fashionistas who sport unique pieces. Whether it be a really intricate artwork on a jacket or a sweatshirt that is out-of-the-ordinary, Seoulites show that fashion is fun and super creative! What’s going on this week? Keep scrolling!

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean fashion picks of the week:


The artwork on the back of this casual jacket is a looker. 😉


There is definitely no way that someone could pass by this top and not be amazed.


The textures on this outfit are interesting and go well together.


Trench coats make their appearance in allover prints! What happened to camel?


Wearing a loud print on a pant will attract eyes, if you’re okay with that. 😉


Crafty coats and cardigans provide a little bit more of an organic look to an otherwise modern outfit. Is boho going to be more apparent this season in Seoul?


A raw/frayed edge on this Seoulite’s blazer makes this style stand out. A subtle change in detail can make a huge difference when it comes to menswear.


She dared to do this — turning her denim jacket inside out and rocking it.


Patchwork? Looks like craftiness is here to stay for this season!


Lose the normal sweater. Seoulites are certainly experimenting with different fabrications!

Did anything catch your eye? You already know what caught ours this week!


Photographs are provided courtesy of ALEX FINCH. Visit Alex Finch here.

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Victoria Lin

Victoria fell in love with South Korea after studying abroad at Yonsei University. Victoria loves fashion, art, culture, travel, learning foreign languages, and puppies. Currently, she is a designer and product developer in the fashion industry who thrives on originality.