Winter is on its way to hibernating as Spring is making its return this month. Before we turn our attention to transitional looks from Winter to Spring, let’s take a look back at some of the outfits from the most recent Seoul Fashion Week 2014! We’ve featured sets of garments that were very minimal, clean, and gradient. We have also featured ensembles that were edgy, cool, and chic. This week, our only topic of focus while curating this set was the number of items in the outfit. Some of these outfits get pretty crazy. Take a look for yourself!

Here are SeoulSync’s Korean fashion picks of the week:


Look at all of those layers and those colors!


Black times four… erm.. no – 5!


An ocean of plaid was not enough we suppose – pom pom earrings and a veil had to finish this outfit!


Ruffles, black, and a wild neck party are topped off by a pair of black shades.


Not one bag, but two. Not one jacket, but two. Not one headgear, but… pretty much two.


There is just so much to look at here!


Is that plaid sweater for decoration or did this Seoulite take it off because it was too warm?


From head to toe, there is something to look at.


There are so many details in this outfit – the gloves, the neck area, the headgear, etc – that require so much attention!


Too much leopard print? We think that bag definitely fits.

Chaotic or balanced? What are your thoughts? Let us know below!


Photos are courtesy of Sol-Sol. Visit Sol-Sol here.