Yoga inspired athletic apparel

The massively popular lululemon athletica has just opened their first showroom in Korea. Lululemon Seoul will be the first taste of the Vancouver based fitness clothing brand which has already opened showrooms in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Drawing inspiration from the form fitting style of yoga apparel, lululemon has been especially popular among women looking for functional and comfortable clothing to exercise in or simply wear out. Don’t worry though, the men have not been forgotten. Lululemon offers an extensive line of men’s fitness apparel to compliment their women’s line. See the video above for a preview of their Spring 2015 line of visit their lululemon channel.

Functional comfort

Functional comfort

Located in the Gangnam the showroom will feature articles from their new Spring 2015 line with more to come.


Showroom hours are as follows:

Wed: 1-8:30PM
Thu: 1-8:30PM
Fri: 1-7:30PM
Sat: 11:30-5:30PM

This is a temporary schedule as the lululemon Seoul team is currently out doing community driven events hoping to elevate the world making a happier and healthier Seoul.


To be worn in the gym or outdoors


두 눈을 반짝이며 기다리고 기다렸던
룰루레몬 한국 첫 쇼룸이 바로 오늘 힘차게 문을 엽니다!
앞으로 쇼룸에서 펼쳐질 다채롭고 즐거운 체험들을 통해 함께 더욱 행복하고 건강해져요~

룰루레몬의 한국 첫 쇼룸은 청담동 90-25번지 테이블 2025 4층에 있습니다. 보는 재미, 체험하는 재미, 배우는 재미, 쇼핑하는 재미가 있는 룰루레몬 쇼룸에 언제나 편안하게 놀러 오셔서 친구네 집에서 모임을 하는 듯한 따뜻함과 아늑함을 느끼며 즐거운 시간을 나눠 봐요.

Address: 4th floor Table 2025 90-25 Chungdam-dong

For more information and details visit lululemon athletica.

Header photo by: Jasonmichael