The Ideal Korean Girl?

Nobody’s perfect. There’s always a little something that one may want to change about their appearance if they had the choice. The ideal Korean girl is something that always seem to be changing. In Korea, going under the knife for physical modification has become a rather normalized affair. Up to one in three women in Seoul will had some type of plastic surgery procedure done in their lifetime. Reasons for undergoing plastic surgery range from feelings of inadequacy, adapting to changing social expectations, and even to increase career opportunities. Rather than read yet another article on body dysmorphia in South Korea; why not learn more straight from the source? Asian Boss has recently released a video in which they interview a number of Korean women in Seoul. The questions range from comparing the women of the west to themselves as well as them describing their ideal types. It’s important to consider that a sample of 4-6 women is not an accurate representation for an entire nation of women, but they are prevailing ideas in current Korean culture.

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